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    About unannounced products.

    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

      I deleted a thread containing possible informations about unannounced products.


      We all understand that software is not created the day before the release; it is normal for users to speculate about what the future might hold for our beloved sofware, (or the software that allows us to pay our bills); but this venue is not made for it: most software in production is being tested by users that signed a non-disclosure agreement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-disclosure_agreement . They should not speak about it. Others do not know (or should not.)


      Some sites might talk in detail about said products while being or not under a non-disclosure agreement, in both cases, somebody broke the law.

      There might be special cases where they allowed to post results/images created by said software, but not name it, etc.


      Some might even illegally post the software. Nothing can assure you that said software does not contain malware as well.

      If you find such instances of unannounced software available for download, you may to report it at piracy at adobe dot com or by contacting Adobe employees that post here.


      If you see signs of a possible breach of NDA, same thing, I can understand the genuine concern, but please do not post in this open forum.

      Public betas of Adobe software, when they exist, are available at http://labs.adobe.com


      Thanks for your understanding. Please don't go 1st amendment on me (or second )