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    Echo problem

    bindu Misra Level 1

      Hi have used these setting for mike,but i am facing echo and some disturbance problem.

      SO can anyone tell me how to reduce that issue


      private function setMic():void
                      microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();
                      microphone.rate = 11
                      microphone.gain = 65;
                      microphone.setSilenceLevel( 5, 1000 );
                      microphone.soundTransform = new SoundTransform(0);

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          JayCharles Level 4

          Why are you setting loopback to true? Is there any need to have the user's microphone routed to the speakers?

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            Graeme Bull Adobe Community Professional

            Digging this one up from the grave maybe...


            I've come across an issue where I need to get the mic activity level and the only way to get that is with the loopback set to true unless sending to a server.

            With that, the sound comes back into the speakers of the computer.

            Using the method above (as recommended in the docs) doesn't work. Setting the soundTransform object of the microphone does not stop the mic from coming back into the speakers as it should when you set the volume to 0. Does anybody else have this same issue? Any solutions? is this a bug of the flash player? It used to work a long time ago and only recently have I had the need to use this kind of code again.

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              calmchessplayer Level 3

              I have a solution Graeme its almost 5 years old but I rebuilt it in AS 3.0 and FMS 5.0.....There is no other site that uses what I use. They all seem to be coping each other instead of developing. I was planning to put it in my archive and wait to see  how long this technique takes for somebody else to think of but I'm tempted to show it to you because I've shown it to others but I'm scared to show it to you because you could actually recreate it ....I think of this code as my pet...heck maybe its not even valueable to anybody but me. But you know by not sharing i'm not progressing development techniques call me selfish I guess. what are your thoughts on this post?

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                Graeme Bull Adobe Community Professional

                I have no idea what you've done. More than that though I'd like to see this bug fixed. So off to the bug base I go.


                It's all up to you if you want to share. There are things that I don't put out there but nothing that is 5 years old. The way I see it, if I've written it then it's already old because I've probably already thought of a better way to do whatever it is I'm doing.

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                  calmchessplayer Level 3

                  allright i'll quite playing games and show you. Can I PM you with the website name and a special warning I have before you enter the site? I must explain the site before yo enter so I can attempt to explain and avoid damaging my character.