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    2 videos playing in the same page

    minia92 Level 1

      Hi All


      I've got a new issue, I have a page with 2 animated graphs (as MP4). It seems that there is a conflict to auto play the both video, because one appear with a skin controler (not asked to) + the video stop before finishing to play.


      I've test by deleting the second video... Then it works....


      How do you manage to have 2 videos in the same page ?? do you have the same problem?


      I want to avoid Jpg Sequences as they are much more heavy

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          Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

          I have a page with 2 video's playing upon ticking them.

          However, they won't play simultaneously. Did you try to let the

          video's play without autoplay ? Just for the sake of testing it ?

          Try using the two video's together in a brand new folio (to test it),

          or try using two other video's in the required folio, or a new one.

          Change something to see when the situation behaves normally.

          Then you have a diagnose and you can look for a solution.

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            minia92 Level 1

            Hi there


            I have ask for a few seconds delay between the video 1 & 2, but same prob when I start in another file. No other choice to auto play the video as it is graphs I didn't wanted them with a poster & play button on it.... As soon as the second video beguins the first one stop.... sometimes it change... the firt play entirely, the seconds stop.... seems really random...


            Well I have generate in After Effect the both graph in the same MPG4, to avoid this prob... so I don't have the problem anymore


            But It would be good to know if somebody have already use several video (not JPG sequences) in the same page...

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              Johannes Eckert Level 4

              Apple does not allow playing multiple videos at the same time. they are

              affraid your ipad will crash vecause of it's limited memory


              never tried multiple videos after each other.


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