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    Adjusting PDF Numbering to match Book numbering?

    binar0101 Level 1

      Fellow Forum Members,

      I have a PDF of a 200 page book I scanned and having a hard time setting up links in the TOC because of the conflicting page numbering between the printed book and the Acrobat 9 PDF file.


      To clarify, PAGE ONE of the printed book doesn't actually start until you hit PAGE SEVENTEEN of the book. Because the first SIXTEEN pages of the printed book are numbered using roman numbers for stuff like the PREFACE and the Table of Contents.


      In contrast, PAGE ONE for the Acrobat PDF file actually starts on Roman Numeral One. Therefore, the Acrobat 9 page counter  displays page numbering that is out of whack by 16 pages in the PDF file.


      Can anyone out there help me figure out what I need to do in my Acrobat 9 so that my PDF file has its first SIXTEEN pages numbered using ROMAN numbers, and  once I hit page SEVENTEEN my page number starts as PAGE ONE?  This way the book page numbering will match the PDF page numbering and make setting up my links less labor intensive.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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          CtDave Level 5

          View > Navigation Panels > Pages

          Open the Options menu (drop-down associated with the "cogwheel" icon).
          Select 'Number Pages' and look over the configuration options.

          Then, visit Acrobat Help to review the what and how of this feature.
          Also, look over "logical page numbers".
          In Acrobat's Preferences, in the Page Display category, you can tick/untick the option
          "Use logical page numbers" - this affects what is displayed for pages in the toolbar.

          You ought to be able to configure PDF page ranges to reflect what is in/on the scanned images you've placed into PDF.

          Be well...

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            binar0101 Level 1


            Thanks for the roadmap you provided. I was able to adjust all of the numbering in the PDF file to match perfectly the numbering used in the printed book. It wasn't that complicated to do.  I think what made it hard to figure this out was figuring out where to look.


            Moreover, setting up hotlinks in the TOC is now a piece of cake. It goes much smoother because the page number I see on the TOC is the actual number I need to use in the Hot link dialogue window.  Before the TOC page numbering didn't match the page counter and this was complicating setting up hot links. Again, thanks a lot for the help.

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              New ID User

              I am trying to do the same in Acrobat X Pro, with a PDF book I received from a publisher. The Display Logical Page Numbers is selected in  Preferences, but I can't figure out how to actually set the correct logical page number. I can't find any "Number Pages" as CtDave describes.

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                Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                It's in the same place - open the Page Thumbnails panel on the left of the screen, click the options icon under the word "Page", and it's halfway down the list.