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    Search Content by custom aspects using api, StatementImpl question

    pmoralesm Level 1

      Hi all,

      We have defined some custom attributes for our documents... We want to create a service using content service java api to retrieve documents in some content space using our custom attributes.

      We defined an XML and set those attributes before storing them using a process and all is working well.

      Now we need to create a component or service using the java api to retrieve documents... we need to use a StatementImpl object but we aren't sure how to use it... in the example says:


      is the fully qualified name... but our definition was..

      <model name="mym:MyModel" xmlns="http://www.alfresco.org/model/dictionary/1.0">


      and let's say a property was MyProperty... How we have to build the qualified name in our case?...

      how to search using more than one custom property?

      Is there any example anywhere?... until now I couldn't find any...


      I appretiate any help you can give me...

      Thanks a lot..