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    Converting dynamic php/mySQL page to Android app using cs5.5


      I have a simple webpage designed in DW5 that used standard php & SQL to query a small (2000 record) table and then self-reload on click to display the results (http://www.aspergillus.org.uk/nac/interactions/patientchoosegeneric.php). I now want to turn it into an android app.

      I have CS5.5 installed & running along with Android sdk - everything works fine. I go into mobile applications and I seem to be able to work in php & access my mySQL databases to develop as normal.


      I preview using live code and get the result I want but PhoneGap/CS5.5 refuses to build.


      I think I really need a hint or two from someone with a much better overview of how phonegap/cs5.5. work together. I was hoping that the integration of a php editor and phonegap might mean that I could adjust the layout of my page (using the helpful default pages in Mobile Applications ), put in my php/SQL code and then build and PhoneGap/CS5.5 would happily import my database table for me! I have used a website based tool that built an 'App' (crude but it worked) just by pointing it at my webpage so it didn't seem beyond the realms of possibility. I assume that that was naive?


      If I now have to go back and design from the ground up using jQuery & CS5.5 I can do that (I have David Powers excellent book) BUT there are two big questions I need answering that don't seem to be addressed in David's book:


      1. How do I get all the information in my database table into the App database (I think SQLite is the default RDMS?)
      2. How do I work with that from within CS5.5?



      Thanks for any help - i am definitely on the steep part of the learning curve on this one and attempting to jump a bit too far into the deep end at the moment