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    Audition 5.5 crashing - unable to open sessions


      I have my CS 5.5 Production Premium up and running for a couple of weeks and now I am trying to finish 2 songs which I have recorded through Audtion. The problem is while I am doing the editing, my system freezes and the worst thing is that I am not able to open audition sessions once it crashes.  When it happened to me first, I took precaution and started using Save As and saved 2 versions of the session. However, when the system froze again, I could not open both the versions of sessions. Obviously the .wav files used by both are same. I also read somewhere that the problem could be one of the .wav files used in the session. Is there any way to identify which file is giving a problem? What could be wrong here?


      My set up is as follows:

      Intel i7 Quad core 8 GB DDR 5 RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 2000d

      128 GM SSD – System Drive

      2 x 1 TB 7200 RPM Stripe Raid – Media Drive

      Windows 7 professional 64 bit

      Tapco Firelink – Audio Interface (Mackie 64 bit Driver version 1.7 for Vista / W7)




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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          If you have system freezes, then what you need to do here is to read the contents of this FAQ carefully (right to the end, because there's an alternative there) and do exactly what it says. On the face of it, it's very unlikely to be a wav file causing this at all.

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            Jonz44 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.

            I will capture the crash dump and report it as you suggested.


            I guess I wasn't detailed enough in the previous post. I am actually facing 2 issues: 1) System freezes in the middle of editing ( I mean the whole system and not just Audition). I do not think I will have a chance to take the dump at that time? Next 2) when I restart the machine and try to open a session or clicking continue to recover the last session it gives and error and says the apllication needs to be terminated. I guess this is the time I need to get the dump, before cliking OK.


            rgds, John

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              SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

              Pretty much, yes. It really is very difficult for us to deal with freezes, but the devs are pretty good at it, if you give them enough information.

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                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                The first issue, system freeze while editing, is most likely some sort of hardware or driver conflict.  Audition itself won't be able to do much to the entire computer and OS, but the most likely link will be Auditions use of the audio driver.  Some quick things to check or try:

                • Ensure you're using the latest driver from your audio device manufacturer.
                • If you're using a native ASIO driver, try switching to MME or vice versa.  This can narrow down the problem, no matter the outcome.  (If the freezes occur with both drivers, it can point to hardware issues.  If it's isolated to one driver model, it points to the driver software.)
                • Try temporarily changing your default audio device altogether.  If you're using an external device, try using the built-in options if available.  Or try using a third-party generic driver such as the one found at www.asio4all.com. 
                • Note if you're using or enabled any sort of disk-cacheing or speedup utilities.  Sometimes these can introduce bad or unexpected behavior.
                • You might want to run a few utilities to scan your hard drives and your RAM for errors or problems.  While I've occasionally managed to track a problem like this down to a driver, more often than not it's been a hard drive or RAM going bad.  Your system looks pretty new, though.  I'm not familiar enough with the Tapco Firelink to offer any specific advice yet.


                For the second issue, the inability to use the crash recovery files, this is likely related to the system freeze.  If Audition crashes, the crash recovery files are usually properly closed by the OS file handler, so that they are more likely to be up-to-date and usable when you launch Audition the next time.  However, in the event of a catastrophic system failure (blue screen, power outage, or completely system freeze like you report) these files are not closed and are usually corrupt which could certainly cause Audition to fail.  I suspect if we can resolve the system lock-up issue, this second issue will not be a problem.

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                  Jonz44 Level 1

                  Thanks for your detailed reply and suggestions. I have been out for some time and got a chance to test only now. I switched to MME from ASIO. Switched off the audio interface (since I have recorded all the vocals) and switched audio hardware to internal devise. I have worked continuously for around 4 hours yesterday and today without any issues. As a next step, I will try the hardware with a generic driver as you suggested. The hardware I am using is a discontinued one; however it worked perfectly with audition 2 on XP. I also have similar freezing issue with my Premiere Pro which I have been discussing in PPro forum. There also noticed that the problem starts with audio.

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                    Jonz44 Level 1

                    I have installed ASIO4all v2 and worked for around 2.5 hours without any issues though I am not sure whether I worked long enough to come across problems. Couple of days back I worked continuously for 4-5 hours without problem using MME and inbuilt soudcard (only editing and no recording) without any issues. I will now work with MME and Mackie hardware and see how it goes.

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                      Jonz44 Level 1

                      Once again...

                      I have been trying for some time and I am able to isolate the problem area. It is the Tapco / Mackie firewire audio interface or its driver Windows 7 driver. This hardware works perfectly on Windows XP with Audition / Premiere CS2 on my laptop and my old suite. So I do not suspect the hardware that much. I changed the driver to ASIO4all-v2 from Mackie driver and had a big improvement – Audition freezes (less frequently) but session is recoverable.  However, when Audition or Premiere freezes the hardware also freezes. So far I haven’t come across any issues when I was using the on board sound.

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                        TheJackAttack Level 1

                        The Mackie BridgeCo drivers are not particularly robust.  I forced the original Onyx drivers onto Vista and Win7 but it was a PITA.  Make sure that your firewire driver is definitely the "legacy" driver.  Also, I would look in the Device Manager and make sure all of the Tapco/Mackie instances are installed correctly.  BridgeCo is also not very good at writing install software.  Greg can make a mixer you can drive an iron spike through and it will still work, but his computer interfaces are not very robust to date.