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    No audio from second Channel using Webcam Capture with ASIO source


      I am trialing elements version 10 as I am looking for a capture / recording / editing solution for making music videos. I want to be able to record from my webcam and also record two audio streams silmutaneously.


      I am using a logitech webcam pro 9000 and a line6 Ux2 Audio recording Sound device. The UX2 is an ASIO compatible device that allows two streams to be recorded; in my case guitar and Microphone for voice. I am able to do this in ASIO comaptible audio editing software.


      So I have tried selecting the Audio device settings prior to starting a capture but each time I start a capture the audio device reverts to standard windows Realtek audio device. I then select the Line6 Device in the capture window and procede to record but I only get video and one audio channel. Is there a way to record live from webcam AND get both audio channels using ASIO driver?