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    Controlling video-audio quality in cconferencing application

    KCS Pvt Ltd Level 1

      We are developing conference kind of application in which 4-5 users can have a video and audio chat with each other.

      My stream is being published to all other users and same time all other streams are retrieved.

      But before publishing my stream my bandwidth is checked and if it is low (i.e. lower then 80 kbps)

      My video quality is set accordingly but audio quality is fixed.

      Now in publishing my stream there is no issue if other users have better bandwidth. They are getting proper voice and video from my stream.

      But as I have lower bandwidth and if I am receiving more than 2 streams then I am not able to view video properly and even voice gets disturbed.


      So ultimately I want to adjust the streams I am receiving for the users other than me. So is that possible using some logic via FMS or via Actionscript?

      Otherwise please hit some logic to handle more streams in lower bandwidth so that at least voice should be clear with lower video clarity.

      Development environment is Flex SDK 4.5.1 and FMS 3.5 development version.