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    Premiere CS5.5 system requirements?

    Arve Knudsen

      I'm in the process of evaluating Premiere CS 5.5, and I'm wondering how I should upgrade my system to make Premiere work more smoothly. I've installed it on a desktop PC with Windows 7 x64, of notable hardware I can think of the following:

      • EVGA x58 motherboard
      • Intel i7 CPU @ 3.4 GHz (overclocked)
      • 6 GB RAM
      • A 7200 RPM data disk for Premiere projects (in addition to the OS disk)
      • A cheapo nVidia Geforce card, without CUDA (don't remember the model)


      I'm not planning to build myself a Premiere speed demon, I'd just like advice on which components to upgrade in order to edit 720p video fairly smoothly in Premiere (with some FX thrown in the mix). Currently I'm noticing that Premiere is too slow for comfort at playing back/stepping through 720p source clips (m2ts/H.264 format). Would it help to double the amount of RAM, or would a CUDA-enabled card make a difference here? Is the CPU up to the task?