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    problem with agal and Vertex


      i tried with pixel bender 3d  and hardcoding with the same result. My code for the vertex:




      agalVertexSource:String="m44 vt0, va0, vc0\n"







                              "sub vt1, vt0, vc4\n" +

                               "mov op, vt1 \n"       +

                               "mov v0, va1\n";


      Context3DProgramType.VERTEX, 0, camTransform,




      Context3DProgramType.VERTEX, 4, Vector.<Number>([0.5,0.0,0,0]));


      All i want is a translation of the vertex (sub...) after the multiplication by a matrix (m44...). The result : the program translate the point and then multiply the result by the matrix.