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    Exporter plug-in doesn't run when open by clicking .prproj file


      Hi everyone!

      I am creating an exporter plug-in. It works fine when I open Premiere, open a project and choose to export using my plug-in. But when i open a project directly by double clicking the project file (like untitled.prproj), my plug-in always show up a "Error compiling movie" message.

      I use log4cxx to help track the plug-in, but no log was created, so my guess is that the plug-in has not even been loaded.

      Could anyone tell be the differences between starting Premiere -> open a project and open a project directly by double clicking its .prproj file. In both case, which file is loaded and which file is not?

      I'm very appreciated if anyone would have the same problem and tell me how to fix this. I'm really stuck here