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    Process ID numbering

    Tim Goodman Community Member



      We have a long-lived Process, which my client has noticed some inconsistency in the numbering.


      i.e. In the Admin UI Process List, we can see (in Chronological order from oldest to newest creation date) the following IDs:


      • 901
      • 915
      • 916
      • 810
      • 923
      • 926
      • 927
      • 812
      • 816
      • 817
      • 818


      Can someone explain why the ordering appears out of order (note - this is not a cluster, but a single server running on SQL server database).  Also, can you confirm it will maintain referential integrity ... i.e. if the number keeps incrementing from 818, we won't get a duplicate of a previous ID such as 901



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          Steve L Walker techies

          Is it possible you are looking at a view by status? For example, the list contains completed processes in chronological order.



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            Tim Goodman Community Member

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for the answer - see the attached image, which shows the dates / Process ID.  Any thoughts?


            Process copy.png

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              $Nith$ Community Member

              The list is ordered in most recently updated Process Instance at top.


              i.e. If you notice the Update Date/Time, you will find that the recently modified process will appear first. That is how it is ordered.



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                Tim Goodman Community Member

                Hi Nith


                I appreciate that the list is ordered by update date.


                However my question is why have the Process IDs been created out of order.  i.e. an Old Process ID is larger than a more recent one.


                e.g. 916 is from October, whilst 818 is from November



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                  Robert Haché Community Member

                  As odd as it sounds there is no guarantee that the process ids,or Task Ids, will be in consecutive order. 


                  Numbers are assigned in blocks (task are blocks of 100, not sure block size for proc instances). When the server starts it looks for next starting block number. That's why you get taskid = 1 for a new install and then after restarting the server you get taskid starting at 101.  The same conept works with Process IDs as well.


                  If you require an ID value to be in a consecutive order then your best bet would be to assign your own ID as process field and then expose that process field to the end user which would allow the user to sort on that ID.


                  Hope that helps,

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                    Tim Goodman Community Member

                    Thanks Robert


                    As long as it's unique, then no problems.  The customer saw it and was concerned it might cause a problem at some stage.  Looks like all is well!

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                      $Nith$ Community Member

                      In normal scenarios, the Process Id will be in the order of increasing

                      sequence. However, sometimes we noticed that there is a deviation in that.


                      At any case, the Process Id is always unique across each server / server