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    Link event in flex text control

    Kumar Pratik

      Hi All,


      I am using a flex text control which has link in between. Value of text is coming from database. I have the following code:


      <mx:Text id="lbl"



                                                                              link="lbl_link(event);" />




                                                                              import mx.controls.Alert;


                                                                              private function lbl_initialize():void {



                                                                                 lbl.htmlText="<a href='event:flex.org'>{data.uname}</a> is Pratik";            


                                                                              private function lbl_link(evt:TextEvent):void {

                                                                                  Alert.show(evt.toString(), evt.text);


                                                                                  switch (evt.text) {

                                                                                      case "flex.org":

                                                                                          // You clicked the flex.org link.








      The problem here is the value which i want to poulate is not displaying and it is getting displayed as {data.uname}. Please let me know how can i achive this.