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    Managing keyword attributes




      I'm using LR3.3 on Windows 7.


      I am looking for an easy way to manage keywords, including the three attributes: "Include on Export", "Export Containing Keywords", "Export Synonyms".


      I have seen people saying that modifying the keyword list in a text editor or spreadsheet software such as excel and then importing into lightroom is an easy way to this. I know that the hierarchy is done using tab indentations, {} indicates synonyms, and [] indicates unchecked for the "Include on Export" field.


      Question 1:

      Is there a good way to manage the other two attributes "Export Containing Keywords" and "Export Synonyms"? I don't know how to reflect the value of these attributes in the external text file, and it is very cumbersome to open the "Edit Keyword Tag" dialogue box for every single keyword and modify it within lightroom.


      I have investigated doing this in the SDK, but the keywords:setAttributes method does not seem to support the other two attributes.


      Question 2:

      A separate, but related issue: Can someone tell me why Lightroom greys out the "Export Containing Keywords" and "Export Synonyms" options when "Include on Export" is unchecked? Even when "Include on Export" is unchecked, both of the other attributes are still used. For example if I have a keyword such as


      Tier 1

         Tier 2

            My Keyword



      Regardless of whether "Include on export" is checked on "My Keyword", Tier 1 and Tier 2 will stlil be exported if "Export Containing Keywords" is checked, and "Synonym" will be exported if "Export Synonyms" is checked. I think that Lightroom should indeed use these flags regardless of the value for "Include on Export", so I don't see why the options can not be changed when "Include on Export" is set.


      Thank you,


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          Does anyone have ideas on this?

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            dgluck1 Community Member

            No one is answering because you're not giving enough information about your problem. Are you just starting off with LR with no or limited keywords assigned or do you have an extensive library that is already keyword tagged? What do you want to accomplish? Once we have that information and what computer and LR version you have, I'm sure someone will have some answers for you. David

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              Thanks for your response! Sorry that I haven't been clear enough.

              dgluck1 wrote:


              Are you just starting off with LR with no or limited keywords assigned or do you have an extensive library that is already keyword tagged? What do you want to accomplish?



              Well, the size of the keyword list should not matter. I would like to accomplish either, or preferably both, of the following tasks:


              1.) In Lightroom, be able to select multiple keywords and modify the three attributes "Include on Export", "Export Containing Keywords", "Export Synonyms" for all of the sellected keywords.


              2.) Find a way to specify all of these attributes in a text file which can then be imported into LR. I know that Synonyms can be defined with {}, and "Include on Export" can be toggled by using [] or not, but what about the attributes "Export Containing Keywords" and "Export Synonyms"? How can these be defined in a text file which can then be imported?


              dgluck1 wrote:


              Once we have that information and what computer and LR version you have, I'm sure someone will have some answers for you. David

              As per my inital post, I am using LR3.3 on Windows 7. Please let me know if you need any other system specs.


              Thank you,


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                Question 1.  No, am not aware of a way to do this.  Maybe someone else may know a back road way of doing this.


                Question 2.  I believe this has to do with someones logic.  If you do not want the lower level keyword to be exported no reason to export the higher level keywords of the chain in the normal LR hiearchy.  If you do want to export a higher level keyword you still can, even if the lower level keyword is not being exported.


                Question 2. (later post)  I am not aware of any other text format codes other than the two styles of brackets.  So, this instruction (to include or not include) is saved in the catalog somewhere I guess and implemented during export of a photo file and cannot be exported out with the text version of the keywords.


                Good questions and I would be interested in hearing other opinions on this.


                In summary, the keywording function in LR as currently done seems to be geared to set up the attributes once and not change them much because it is too time consuming.  The only changes that are practical are the linking and unlinking of keywords to photos.


                = Tom

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                  Thanks for your comments, photomy001!


                  Regarding Question 2, that was my guess as well. It was just surprising though that LR would still use the bottom two attributes when exporting even when they are greyed out due to  "Include on Export" being disabled. I actually prefer that it uses the attributes independently (as it seems to do in LR 3.3), as it allows for additional custimization.


                  Regarding the other two questions, indeed it seems like LR isn't currently designed to support these features. It would be nice in future versions of LR to see a more comprehensive keyword list editor, as well as more metadata export options.


                  I would be interested to hear if anyone else has additional insights.




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                    Califdan Community Member

                    HI,  I've been having the same issue about doing mass maintenance to my KW lists and am very interested in any solutions.   In my experimentaiton, using an external file to make changes and then re-importing the list is not a viable option.  For one thing, if you change something then it just adds the changed thing back as a new KW, does not replace (remove) the old KW and does not associate that new KW with the photos that the old one had.   It's interesting to look at the exported list to get a hint at what KW's need to be fixed (at least for "Include KW on Export" and "Synoyms") but I would NEVER try to make changes to the external file and re-import it again.


                    Anyway, I think there needs to be a "mass change" way to maintain Keyword attributes within LR itself.   I am able to highlight multiple KW's at one time by holding down the <ctrl> key while cicking on them.  However, If I then right click one to get the KW Edit dialog box, any change I make is only applied to the one KW I right clicked on rather than all that are selected (highlighted).  It sure would be nice if it would apply the changes to all KW's that were selected.