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    Dynamic Rows  Are hold up for previous data even though the new search has lesser data

    sandy30121 Level 1

      Hello  ,


      I came across a different problem , where I am not able to get through , Please let me know if there are any pointers .


      My adobe forms is generated frrom SAP and has lots of Data hidden . Whena user serach for any order , he gets in return , the corresponding data on he screen . some of which is changing depending on how much data is hold for that order.

      So accordingly my script generates lines on form ( table dynaminc rows ) and show the data .

      SNow since the form is offline . in the same field , After a while if user ,punches in next Order and search , it searches the data but incase if the data has lesser number of dynmicn rows than pne entered before, my new data replaces the old one and extra lines pertainig to the old still remains .


      In order to fix this . I tried resolving nodes for this new table before my "Get data " button is clicked but it does not work that way .. I hoped that in tht case I could read the Input New Number and compare it with the Old number which i s in the extra lines of the Table and then make them empty or delete ..


      Please suggest .