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    samsung galaxy tab 10.1 flashplayer doesn't work

    cilecar Community Member

      Flash player 11 doesn't work. I can't install previous versions

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          a) First, verify that Flash Player is installed and working on your system.

                 Check the Flash Player Version Detection page, here (the link is case-sensitive):  http://adobe.ly/wRILS 


          b) If you see the box with version information, you have successfully installed Flash Player and will be able to view Flash content via the Android browser. 


          c) If you see a “Get Flash Player” icon instead of the version information, confirm that both Browser Plug-Ins and JavaScript are enabled on your device:


                 Open the Browser

                 Hit the Menu Button

                 Confirm that Enable Javascript is checked

                 Choose Settings > Enable Plug-Ins and make sure that it's set to Always On


             If the settings above did not match, this probably fixed the problem. 


             Please visit the Flash Player Version Detection Page (http://adobe.ly/wRILS ) again.


                 If you see the version information now, you're done!  Congratulations.


          d) If not, it sounds like the installation did not work correctly. 


                 First uninstall Flash Player by doing the following:

                 Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Adobe Flash Player

                 Hit Uninstall (or Uninstall Updates) and follow the prompts


                 Restart your phone.  This will make sure that anything that might be keeping the Flash Player binary locked is no longer running.


                 Once the phone comes back up, open the Market and search for "Flash Player".  Follow the installation prompts.


                 Please repeat the steps to confirm that JavaScript and Plug-Ins are enabled, and then check the version detection page.

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            Abel Chang Community Member

            NOT an Adobe Employee but I've found my problem and it was with REAL PLAYER. if you have it, it will make your Adobe Flash Player  unstable and not able to play videos or games in this case. I figured this out after watching a video on youtube then installing Real Player and the video i just watched (which I refreshed the page) and stopped working. Then I uninstall Real Player and and it's components and refreshed the video again and it worked. Note: this happens to Firefox.

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              Abel Chang Community Member



              WARNING: REAL PLAYER MAY/CAN MAKE YOUR ADOBE FLASH PLAYER UNSTABLE AND NOT WORK. So if you have flash player, DO NOT install Real Player for Mozilla has not updated it's components to maintain adobe flash player and real player together.

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                i found way to solve this proplem just watch this vedio



                wish it's helpfull