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    indicators problem

    Alix v

        Thank you Steve for your advice and help. We did upgrade our APE9 to 10.

      We also got your book on the mail. That book is very helpful.

      We did transcode our files from .MTS to MP4. (thank's for your book)

      There is a little problem with the CTI.

      The very first minute indicators move properly.

      But later start slowing down and instead of going smooth they start jumping.

      The sound is good but the picture is behind.

      How can I fix this problem?

      Thank you.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for the kind words about the book, Alix! I'm glad you're finding it helpful.


          But I'm not sure what you mean when you say you transcoded your files from .mts to .mp4. If you're editing your video, .mts's are actually better files to work with.


          If you're video is slowing down as you work, it may be because it needs rendering. Do you see  a red line on the timeline above your clips. If so, press the Enter key or go to the Timeline menu and select Render. When the red line turns green, your video should play much more smoothly.


          However, if you see a red line above the clips as soon as you add them to the timeline, even before you add effects to them, you may have a mismatch between your video files and your project settings.

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            Alix v Level 1

            Thank you Steve for your help.


            Yes, we did rendering and our video start working very smoothly.




            I have another problem.


            For some reason my audio-effects doesn’t work.


            I highlight my clip, select “DeNoiser” and click on “apply” button, but this button doesn’t work.


            Even if I drag “audio effect” down to my clip it’s still doesn’t work.


            How to fix this?




            Thank you.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Once you've applied an effect, have you gone to the Properties panel and adjusted it? Many effects won't show a change until you've applied an adjustment.


              BTW, as it says in the book, the DeNoiser's main job is to remove tape hiss from your audio track. Is that what you're trying to do?

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                Alix v Level 1

                Thank you for your answer.


                My “audio effects” doesn’t work.


                All 23 icons doesn’t functioning.


                I used to work with A.P.E.9 but my A.P.E.10 doesn’t work.


                I did all kind updates and upgrades, but still doesn’t work.


                I have no idea what to do.


                Thank you.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I have never heard of this, Alix.


                  If you can describe in more detail the exact steps you're taking to adjust your effects, we may be able to help you here.


                  But more likely, if the entire program is failing for you, you will need to contact Adobe Tech Support.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Hm-m, only thing that I can think of, that would get in the way of the application of an Effect, would be not having a Clip Selected in the Timeline, however click+dragging the Effect should apply that Effect on the Clip, to which it has been dragged.



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                      Alix v Level 1

                      Thank you, Steve.


                      My ”video effects” are working.


                      And my “presets” are working too.


                      But my “audio effects” aren’t working.



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                        Alix v Level 1

                        Thank you Bill.


                        Yes, I try that.


                        But it doesn’t work.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Interesting and preplexing. Glad that the problem is only with the Audio Effects, but sorry that it is with the Audio Effects.


                          I cannot come up with any reason, why they would not work.


                          You probably posted the info above, but I did not find it, so I'll ask: what is the format, and what are the specs. of the Audio Clips, that you have having a problem with?


                          As a test, can you Import a "known good" WAV, say from the system Sounds, drag it to the Timeline, in the same Track, where you have having issues, and apply an Audio Effect. If that does not work, try placing it onto another Audio Track and test again. That might tell us if it's perhaps the Audio file, or something else.


                          Good luck, and please let us know how the test works out.



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                            Alix v Level 1

                            Thank you, Bill,




                            Tonight I had little time to play with this program.




                            I went to my Documents to my Music and I load one song.




                            Then I drag that song to “Soundtrack”. Audio effects are working.




                            Then I drag song to “Narration” track. Audio effects are working.




                            Then I drag that song to “Audio 1” and “Audio 2”, and “Audio 3”. Audio effects doesn’t work.




                            I did highlight my video clip, then I delete my video and drag “audio” down to “Soundtrack”. Audio effects are working.




                            I don’t know what is wrong?




                            Thank you.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              This is odd behavior. Regardless of the Audio Track, Audio Effects SHOULD Apply. I can think of no reason, that it does not work, unless you have uncovered a Bug.


                              Now, both the Soundtrack and Narration Track, are Fixed Tracks, and appear in all Projects. They cannot be Deleted, and in previous versions of PrE, have had some Bugs, of their own. In those cases, the "fix" was to Move the Audio Clips to a "regular" Audio Tracks.


                              Yes, odd behavior.


                              Out of curiosity, what is the format of your music Clip? The reason that I ask is that MP3's, and a few other formats, have been known to cause problems. Just curious.


                              Wish that I had more to offer, but I cannot think of any reason for the behavior, that you see.


                              Good luck,



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                                Amit Kumar Gupta Adobe Employee

                                Try to do the same in PRE9. Are you aple to apply audio effects there? If the problem is in PRE10 only, this could be some installation issues where few files might be missing or corruct. Please reinstall.