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    Purchased update to Flesh Builder 4.5


      Got the email

      Thank you for registering.
      We invite you to update your member profile so that you can receive the latest and greatest information on Flash Builder from Adobe. You are also eligible to receive one of these benefits:

      30 days of complimentary lynda.com online video training!

      Take advantage of a 30-day Online Training Library® subscription, including in-depth Adobe training in easy-to-follow video format. Gain access to more than 44,000 online training videos, including Adobe® Flash® Builder® software Essential Training and more than 1,500 hours of additional Adobe training. This English-only offer is available to current and new subscribers.
      Adobe Flash Platforms

      API Posters

      Get inspired with a set of Adobe Flex® software, Adobe® AIR® software and ActionScript® posters that show all the classes and packages available to you, the Flex developers. And they're cool too.



      Asked me to update my profile:


      1) Opened my profile, and closed it


      2) Becasue nothing happend and i would like to get the API Posters


      3) Call sales rep - he connected me to tech support

          got case #0206985239


      4) Disconnected...


      5) What can i do to get it, the above API Posters?