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    Safe Margins and the Final Product.


      Hello everyone,


      I have just began to use Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5 and I wanted to make a video of Fifa gameplay. When I added the file to the workspace, I noticed these "Safe Margins" and I heard that they show how tv's display the video. (Correct me if I'm wrong). My problem is that when I drag the clip to the timeline, the resulting video seens as though it only shows what was within the safe margins (thus cutting out the video all the way around. Is this the way it will be exported when I am finished with the final product? If so, how do I widen the safe margins. Also, I would like to know if there is a way to "trim a border" around the video. That is, I was recording the TV screen, but got some of the black TV border at the top, is there a way to trim that border off?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Safe zones have nothing to do with how the video is exported. They're just meant to give you an idea of how some (ancient) television hardware might obscure the edges of the video. This is less and less relevant these days, as digital television hardware doesn't need to use overscan, and most televisions don't have as much of a bezel.


          What you're seeing when you only see a portion of your video in the Program Monitor is the result of not having a sequence that matches the dimensions of your footage.


          See this:

          "FAQ: How do I choose the right sequence settings?"



          Since you're obviously new to Premiere Pro, I strongly recommend that you work your way through some basic learning materials first. Doing so will prevent a lot of frustration.

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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            Sounds like multiple issues.


            1st, if your premiere sequence is set up properly to match your video source, your video should fill the screen entirely, overlapping title\action safe boundaries.


            2nd, the title safe area is going to affect your old standard definition 3x4 monitors more than anything. Computer, Youtube, streaming, etc  safespace will not come into play.


            HD broadcast vary a little, and while there are safespace guidelines for HD Editing, the whole picture tends to be shown on the HD Screen.

            Most Consumer HD TV models also have several zoom and aspect ratio modes to adjust for various broadcast signals thrown it it.


            3, You can crop your video any way that you want. My choice for doing this is the 4 Point Garbage matte Effect in the Video Effects> Keying bin.

            Also, You can resize and reposition your clip by selecting it on the timeline, then going to the Video Effects Control tab in the Source Monitor and making adjustments with the Scale & Position values.

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              Thanks, Stephen_Spider, you were so helpful. It was taking me forever to find the ability to scale and position again. It's especially frustrating if you've done it before and forgot how. It's a pain looking tutorials over when they don't show you what you want.