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    Extra sequence presets require certified graphics card?


      After installing Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium I don't have the extra (third party) sequence presets that the full version has over the trial version. Last time I installed this on the same machine with the same OS I got those presets. Now I can not open any of my previous work I created using those presets. After long discussions with Adobe support it appears that the reason for this is my graphics card (being a lowly Quadro FX1500). I'm now faced with the cost of a FX 3800 ($700) to get these presets to install.


      I have to say that I'm pretty dubious this is the problem. I can see me getting the card and the problem not being fixed. I didn't get any install errors. Can anyone give me some more confidence that this is the reason I'm not getting the extra presets installed? I know the FX1500 is old but it's good enough for me. I'm not a video professional just a mechanical engineer putting some technical videos together and using the CS5.5 Production Premium on a month-to-month licence as and when I need it. I would upgrade to an FX1800 for my CAD work but this is not certified for Premiere Pro



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