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    Custom Scroll in Flash (working on mouse wheel)

    nikolaig Level 1

      I am searching the web for a good working vertical scroll in Flash and don't seem to find a good solution. I will use it for the product page layout with all the images. So I suppose it means no text scroll but an MC scroll.

      My main design issue is that I would like a user to be able to scroll it with the mouse whell (same way like frames in HTML).

      I don't like than the entire site layout scrolls up, I would much rather designate a section in the site layout where the info can be scrolled. This way the logo of the site and all the main navigation on the top will always be visible.

      Main issue is that I can not find a scroll which would work on mouse wheel scroll, a user is always have to grab the bar or click on the up/down arrows in order for  the scroll to work.

      Is it possible to make a scroll work on a mouse wheel in flash?