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    LMS issue (Plateau 5.8) and Captivate 5

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      We need help to solve the problem and get this Captivate 5 module to run on the Learning Management System. 


      The module was set to publish in SCORM 1.2.


      Quiz = enable reporting for this project

      LMS Standard = SCORM 1.2

      Report Status = Complete / Incomplete

      Report to LMS = Percent

      Choose Report Data = Quiz Results Only

      Reporting Level = Report Score.


      The Plateau 5.8 LMS team is receiving the following error while trying to post and run a Captivate 5 module.



      LMS Plateau 5_8_ Error message.jpg


      The tech person discovered that what’s happening in the attached code is that the module will try to communicate with the LMS for 1 second.  

      By that time if the LMS does not communicate back, an error is generated and the script times out.

      Since this threshold is really low, and the page may take more than this time to load, he tried updating the script to wait for a full minute before timing out.  (See below).  However, that did not solve the problem.


      This chunk of javascript code was created by Captivate, (on line 236 of the html file) when the module was published:


      1000 = 1 sec.  10,000 would be 10 seconds. He set the threshold to 1 min.  (added two zeros, i.e. (*100000).


      var timeCurrent_int = new Date().getTime();

                                                      var timeLimit_int = new Date().getTime() + (intIntervalSecs * 1000);

                                                      // This simply loops for a set period of time, waiting for the API to

                                                      // load and/or be found.  A better solution would be to use setInterval

                                                      // and on the timeout, redirect or load the resulting Captivate file.

                                                      while((g_objAPI == null) && timeCurrent_int < timeLimit_int)


                                                                      g_objAPI = getAPI(g_intAPIOrder);

                                                                      timeCurrent_int = new Date().getTime();


                                                      if(g_objAPI != null)


                                                                      strURLParams = "?SCORM_API=" + g_zAPIVersion + "&SCORM_TYPE=" + g_intAPIType;





      Is there a different setting, option, or preference to use from within Captivate 5 to get it to run properly on the LMS?  Or is there something else to change manually in the code to get it to work properly?

      There are hundreds of people waiting to take this module, so time is of the essence!