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          To all Freehand Users, SIGN IN.




          See You...

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            Its Freehand or nothing!

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              I agree. This has got to be a grass roots effort starting with the people who actually love the program. Unlike Adobe's astroturf faux "Freehand to Illustrator" efforts, this is a real, organic attempt to rally support for the best vector program ever made. The only way it is going to happen is if we get the word out. Tell everyone you know about freefreehand.org, including people who care about their favorite software companies disappearing. Just as in Pastor Martin Niemoller's poem regarding the complacency of German intellectuals as the Nazi's got rid of their enemies target after target, we must not let this happen to any application. The poem reads:


              "First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a communist;

              Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a socialist;

              Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a trade unionist;

              Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a Jew;

              Then they came for me-- and there was no one left to speak out for me."


              Our version reads something like:


              First they came for Aldus, and I did not speak out- because I was not a Pagemaker supporter;

              Then they came for Frame Technology, and I did not speak out-- because I was not Framemaker supporter;

              Then they came for GoLive Systems, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a Cyber Studio supporter;

              Then they came for Macromedia, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a Flash, Fireworks, GoLive, or Dreamweaver supporter;

              Then they came for Freehand-- and there was no one left to speak out for me and my program.


              As designers I realize that we all have used these applications at one point or another, but when's the last time you really cared about an application?

              I'd venture to say that Freehand to me has been an application I'd be willing to fight for, especially now that it has become what is essentially a dead-end product according to Adobe.


              Do NOT let this pattern of disregard for users stand. Do not let them rot on the vine for the almighty dollar!

              Let Freehand Reign!

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                I write today as part of an effort to solicit advice in a matter of great concern to many who rely upon computer software for their livelihoods and the implications of Adobe's (legal adjective removed) behavior upon those individuals. As the matter is outlined quite clearly on our organization's web site, I will refer you there for further explanation.




                Though our site has been live for just over a week, we now claim membership numbers approaching 2,000. If we can only raise awareness and reach the full extent of our potential audience, our belief is that our numbers will rise into the tens of thousand or perhaps greater.


                Once it's clear that we represent a substantial community, we believe we may have more sway in the issue at hand. Efforts are currently focused on the question: how can we reach our audience in order to build the community? At this point we are an organization of minimal financial resources, but we hope to change that through donations in the near future.


                A number of online media outlets have reported the founding of our organization, but in Europe only. Oddly, the U.S. media seems intent on ignoring us.


                So far we have contacted the following organizations:



                Free Software Foundation

                Free Software Foundation Europe

                The Federal Trade Commission

                The European Commission's antitrust enforcement agency

                The California Attorneys General

                Consumer Union

                Public Interest Research Group


                We appreciate any advice you have to offer as we build our grassroots campaign. In part this is fueled by the fact that Adobe's business practices have caused real harm to individuals and small businesses, and in part by the fact that, in principal if not in actual legal fact, Adobe has crossed the line in establishing a monopoly in vector editing software.




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                  freehand very very good !!


                         首先说明我是一个中国人,来此的最终目的是想看到希望。freehand软件我们中国人非常喜欢,其操作的便利性舒适性尤为突出,我们用freehand进行编辑创作是一件十分幸福的事情, 然而就在几年前,freehand的命运发生了转折,我曾经在中国的相关网站中进行了大量的抗议,由于freehand不是我们国家的软件公司开发,所以我的抗议几乎等于零。毕竟现在的强大的 软件公司都想实行垄断经营,但是要知道这样虽然可以占据市场,但是也面着临失去市场的危机,我在想是不是纯资本主义国家都是要等到危机发生之后才去采取补救措施,我们中国人有句古话来这样形容 :“亡羊补牢”。我们中国还有句古话:“得民心者得天下”。凡是掌握权力的人都应该以民心为本经营,否则终究败矣。我忠诚的希望adobe进行freehand的继续开发,因为我们真的非常需 要这么优秀的自由之手(freehand)。



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                    Many, many people will pay for a compatible version of FH.

                    All FH user will buy at same time AI if FH was compatible with new Leopard (& Snow).


                    Any graphic designer own a copy of your Creative Suite: WHY you, Adobe, betray your consumers?

                    WHY you ignore our needs? (Illustraitor isn't the same thing, even CS4)

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                      For heaven´s sake, Adobe, SAVE and update Freehand. I will pay for it.


                      I bought Illustrator last year, tried it and found it inferior. I largely stopped using it already. What arrogance of Abobe to say its better than Freehand. Its a blatant lie.

                      Indesign is better than Quark, ok, but not everything a market leader does is right, and the Freehand case is a very drastic example.

                      Only dictatorship pressure (which Abobe sadly possesses and uses) could probably force me to accept it in the longterm.


                      Btw., I´ve just joined freefreehand.org.

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                        I've just sent this letter to Mr Shantanu Narayen at Adobe.

                        Anybody that wants to see FreeHand survive, please check out www.freefreehand.org and spread the word. We have little time to make our voices heard, so please do it NOW!




                        Dear Mr Narayen


                        Ref: Free FreeHand request.


                        I am writing this letter to you on behalf of myself and my team of ten designers here in the UK.


                        I have been operating my own company for approximately fifteen years and was both Senior Designer at Chrysalis Records and a freelance graphic designer seven years prior to that.


                        Adobe has been, and still is, important in the evolution of my design career. I was a champion of the Acrobat PDF format in its early years and my agency was partly responsible for the instigation by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe of the PDF format as a successor to the standard repro workflow, the results of which changed the reprographic workflow for the entire computer game publishing industry.


                        As you are aware, small design agencies need to be flexible with working practices and embrace multi-disciplined approaches to project solutions. Inevitably, this means that we will use not only Adobe products but those from Quark, Microsoft, Apple. etc. Invariably, we will make decisions on how we resolve a brief by using apps which are the most time-efficient and creatively flexible, dependent upon the individual and the job they are working on. Certain decisions that Adobe appear to be making regarding FreeHand do not bode well for the effective running of my company and you are restricting both the creative process of my team members and the practical, economic reality of what we produce for our clients on a daily basis.


                        My request is a simple one. Whilst we will always embrace the creative tools and upgrades which Adobe release, I would ask that you continue to recognise FreeHand as the flexible, unique, effective tool that it is and either a) provide sufficient updates and support for it on the latest operating systems or b) If FreeHand bears little commercial interest for Adobe, release the code and the licence to the opensource community to allow further maintenance.


                        Whether Adobe recognise it or not, ALL creative industry tools are absolutely essential to the operation of agencies across Europe, North America and Asia, and specific applications cannot be imposed upon a creative mind. That is like suggesting that an artist use a particular paint brush when they are used to a pencil. Yes, we should expect to be flexible, but the graphics arts should not be suppressed in the way Adobe appear to be showing with their lack of support for FreeHand.


                        Please allow us flexibility in our workflow and the right to use the application of our choice. We won’t neglect your flagship applications (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects). Imposing applications on us and phasing others will not allow my team to execute their jobs efficiently and economically and enjoy the creative experience at the same time.


                        From an economical, business perspective, FreeHand helps my agency. For stimulating the creative process, FreeHand helps my agency. Please do not ignore or neglect it.


                        Yours sincerely

                        Eddie Deighton Founder/Creative Director

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                          Prior to making a contribution to the postcard / letter-writing campaign at http://www.freefreehand.org, I decided to post a web page which details how FreeHand is a crucial component in the Art101.com design arsenal. See: http://www.art101.com/freehand (and pass it on). Now that the gallery is online, we'll include the URL in all related letters and postcards to Adobe. Here's hoping it will help make a dent in Adobe's inflexible, money-grubbing corporate culture.


                          Further, ever further. Long live FreeHand.

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                            I just dowloaded Illustrator CS5 and saw that there is nothing that makes me want to upgrade. If you really want us to spend something on upgrade PLEASE look at Freehand once again.


                            Why the hell are AI files so huge? Why it cannot intelligently link to files instead of embedding pictures? I had 5 package designs in Freehand file which was about 224 kb and my AI version from that very file was 160 Mb!!!!


                            Why cannot you make Illustrator treat rounded corners separately and keep the original ratio when rectangle is resized?


                            Why can't you copy the mirror tool so I get a preview and handles to adjust the result?


                            Why can't you make color palette change used colours like Freehand does?


                            Why cannot node edit work like in Freehand, where you don't have to constantly switch between tools?


                            Why can't I resize and edit pasted pattern like in Freehand? There was a tutorial in Computer Arts about making patterns and the workflow is soooo clumsy! What if I want to make patterns that are not repeating on 90-degrees, let's say I want to make stripes on 60 degree angle? In Freehand, I just take one stripe with the spacer, paste it into a pattern and change the angle, scale, whatever, from menu. Why make it any harder?


                            I like that Illustrator can convert RGB pictures to CMYK intelligently but that is about it. I was forced to use Illustrator and I just don't get it why you preferred the program which was (and still is) behind in the race. Ok, Illustrator is Adobe's own child but still...


                            You finally managed to understand that most graphic projects are multiple page projects and the page sizes mostly vary, you finally made the Freehand's Paste Inside function work as Clipping Mask but there is still so many things to learn...


                            It's been over five years now and Freehand MX is still better tool than Illustrator. Please do better for CS6.

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                              Only Freehand. Illustrator-alligator is good - but still worse than the good old Freehand ... How is it possible that after six years of FreeHand is still better than Illustrator?

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                                Artist Lisa

                                If only the 'powers that be' at adobe would read these posts and understand how many people out there use freehand. I've used it for years, and probably like many others have tried other programmes, but freehand is just the best. It's incredibly frustrating trying to get freehand to work with a new operating system that doesn't support freehand, and with no support available from adobe. Surely it's a matter of economics where demand equals supply - come on adobe, please from all the loyal freehand supporters, get your act together and keep freehand, produce an updated version for us.

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                                  Freehand Vet

                                  I'm a long time Freehand user... (1985?)

                                  I have thousands, maybe ten of thousands of object/products created in the program.


                                  When Adobe purchased Macromedia and announced the end of FH development I was emotional and angry.


                                  That was many years ago... I still use FH for many projects... on OSX 10.6 Intel iMac


                                  Vector drawing programs aren't cash cows... remember Altsys?... the originators of FH? They sold it too.

                                  We've seen MacDraw, and Canvas bite the dust during those years. So as for Adobe making so much money on Illustrator, I don't believe it.


                                  I've been using AI now for about 3 years now... the problem is FH is great for very typical everyday sort of jobs, especially considering my history has skewed my perception of what is an efficient program is (My mind is like an old operating system). FH has not been developed in 5 or 6 years, it's a mile behind AI.


                                  If FH is revived, I'll likely upgrade.

                                  I've just stopped complaining about it.


                                  My advice is give AI an honest try... it will add some quick solutions to the graphic solutions that so many people depend on us for.


                                  I'm not planning on debating this with anyone.

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                                    Save FreeHand !!!!!!!!!!!!


                                    I have been using FreeHand since 1996. I also use Illustrator at the same time. but,.......

                                    FreeHand is simple, easy to use drawing program.

                                    No special effects are needed as in  Illustrator.

                                    As artist we can create any effects our self using simple drawing tools.



                                    Win Tun

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                                      art101 Level 1

                                      If FH is revived, I'll likely upgrade.

                                      I've just stopped complaining about it.


                                      Interesting post, FreeHand Vet. Please continue complaining about it. I hope you won't think I'm rude or disrespectful... you clearly thought this through. That said, it sounds to me like you gave up and bought into Adobe's money-grubbing marketing schemes.


                                      FreeHand is Adobe's property through a shameful corporate buyout that should never have been permitted by the FTC. Adobe finally owns FreeHand. It can choose to kill or support it. It doesn't matter that FreeHand still runs circles around Illustrator. Illustrator is (and always was) a bad copy of FreeHand. FreeHand still works better than Illustrator after all these years, even without an upgrade for current operating systems. After half a decade with no updates, FreeHand still works better. Adobe doesn't care about people who bought FreeHand through the years in good faith. Whatever. Adobe doesn't value art or vision or purpose or choice. Adobe just wants money.


                                      Post samples of your FreeHand work when you have time, FreeHand Vet. Curious minds would like to see what you've been doing with FreeHand during the last couple of decades. Check out a brief sample of my FreeHand work at art101.com/freehand


                                      Further, ever further. Long live FreeHand.

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                                        David Casto Level 1

                                        Adobe, please update Freehand. we don't need a single new feature, just make it work with the new Mac OS.


                                        I won't udpate my CS suites until I can update my Freehand.

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                                          Please support your customers Adobe, please support US! It's not like we'll cease to have illustrator (it comes with the Creative Suite), it's just that illustrator is not freehand and we ought to choose what programs we need to better fulfill our taks, give us the choice and the freedom to opt between one or the other.

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                                            art101 Level 1

                                            Well said! Happy new year to all the FreeHand faithful. Let's hope 2011 is an auspicious year for FH11.

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                                              rburma2010 Level 1

                                              Please... update FreeHand....for us...

                                              I love FreeHand to use.... for my job...


                                              win tun

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                                                kiogo75 Level 1

                                                Adobe, please don't be evil. Update Freehand, or sell it to someone who will. PLEASE!!!!!

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                                                  metaltiger Level 1

                                                  I have just noticed this thread.  Please count me in.  As I was learning Illustrator many years ago, someone introduced me to Aldus Freehand.  I have used it ever since.  It remains a superior product even without an upgrade!

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                                                    RE: DEZYNBOY --

                                                    Okay, you've basically compared Adobe to the Nazis, which I kind of have a problem with since they never actually put any FreeHand or Quark users to death ... that we know of, anyway.

                                                    But I agree with you that FreeHand was taken away from us by adpotion and neglect, but such is the way of Capitalism, which is inherently not fair.

                                                    FreeHand is the superior graphics app, and will always be, as I refer to it, my favorite hammer.