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    Premiere CS5.5 missing codecs from CS5.0?

    tobyricketts Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I'd been working on a project in Premiere CS5.0, then I installed CS5.5 and it still opened just fine.


      Then when I uninstalled CS5.0 the project refused to open in CS5.5 saying "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type. Then it quits to splash screen with no more info.


      As far as I can remember the sequence was a pretty standard 1920 x 1080 format, using footage from native Canon DSLR, Sony EX3, and GoPro.


      I no longer have the installation discs for CS5.0 so am stuck until I can remedy this with a deadline looming.


      Thanks in advance,


      Toby Ricketts.

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          tobyricketts Level 1

          In addition to the above, I cannot open any previous project I created in Premiere CS5.0.


          The really wierd thing is when starting a new project / sequence, the only preset for HD in sequence settings is DVCPROHD. It is a very short list.


          I'm starting to feel like either I have gone back in time, or like a Final Cut X user...

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Hey Toby,


            Apparently, we're not to call this the "revert to trial" bug any more with CS5.5, but the effect is the same: Pr loses its ability to use the third party codecs that Adobe licenses for support of such formats.


            It's a pain, but here's what you need to do:


            1) Deactivate the software (under the Help menu in any suite application)

            2) Uninstall

            3) Run the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool

            4) Reboot

            5) Optionally, you can do #3 and #4 again, but it's typically not necessary

            6) Reinstall

            7) Activate

            8) Update immediately from something like Bridge (if you want the latest version, which you do)


            That should get you back all the sequence presets and format support that you'd otherwise be missing.


            If you have any problems, post back.

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              tobyricketts Level 1

              Hi Colin, Thanks.


              For some reason I'm not able to Deactivate the software. I am connected to the internet, but I get error code 255:255, which isn't referenced in the help.


              The version I have is the Academic redistributable, so I'm not sure if it required authorization.


              I have removed just premiere anyway, ran the CS cleaner tool, and reinstalled premiere.


              No luck unfortunately.


              The really bizzarre thing is that the CS5.5 trial comes with all the codecs that the full package does anyway! 

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Bummer! You're the second person in two days to have this same (or at least a very similar) issue. Hopefully, Todd Kopriva--one of the very helpful Adobe people--will stop by and offer some assistance; I know he assisting the other guy who had this problem.


                It's very peculiar, so I hope it can get sorted for you quickly. Sorry the above didn't get you back up to speed!

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  If you continue this conversation on this thread, it will be easier for the Adobe folks investigating the issue to track. You can also read some more context on that thread.


                  Toby, do you mind if I share your email address with one of our testers so that he can get in touch with you for more information if necessary?

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                    tobyricketts Level 1

                    Hi Todd, thats fine yeah.

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                      hey there!

                      I had the same problem Toby had but I found a way around to get it work. First I uninstalled all my adobe programs and then run the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool to get real clean. After a reboot I:

                      • Installed Premiere Pro CS5 in trail mode using a old .dmg I still had (Toby, maybe you can still download it from somewhere on the internet!)
                      • after installation -and a reboot if I remember right- I opened Premiere Pro CS5 and activated it. Now, Adobe will ask you if you want to install some missing codecs (including the missing codecs this thread is about) because Premiere was  installed in trail mode. Premiere will now update to full functionality and next time you open up Premiere all codecs will be available!
                      • Now install Premiere Pro CS5.5 without de-installing CS5. I also installed this trail first, activate afterwards but don't know if this is a necessary. 


                      and that's the point where I am right now! CS5.5 works with all the codecs. Only thing I have now is two installs of Premiere Pro (CS5 & CS5.5) but I'm afraid that de-installing CS5 will also remove the codecs.
                      Guess I can live with that and will wait till Adobe comes with a fix. Hope that helps!


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                        I have the same problem,

                        i have done all the steps and nothing yet?

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                          jordeangjelovik Level 1

                          i did all the steps and again the same problem?

                          missing all project/ sequence presets?






                          Mobile Device


                          that's it...

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                            Dan Jarman

                            Hi everyone,


                            I was having the same "ready to smash my head against a brick-wall" frustrating loss of codecs. Then i came across this post, and it worked perfectly for me...




                            The basics of it are that you follow Colin's instructions above, with the added step of changing your time zone before you reinstall. I'm in NZ, and so i changed my time zone to London by manually altering the time and switching off automatic updates from a time server. After installing as a trial i opened up premiere pro, all presets were there. I then closed down premiere, and initiated and update to all the creative suite through Bridge. Once the creative suite had been updated successfully (still in trail mode), i opened up premiere again. All the sequence presets were still available to me. I then closed and opened Premiere again, entered my serial number, activated and created a timeline using one of the codecs that have disappearing. all worked fine and dandy. I tested premiere byu closing and opening a few times, after restarts, with projects that wouldn't open when the problem was around etc. It all worked great. I then altered the time back manually, and have kept the automatic time updates option off.


                            So far it has worked for me, so hopefully this will help others.


                            Good luck. Can't wait to see CS6!