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    realtime playback - intensive filters

    Jaap H Level 1



      Today I've made another transition. One that is more processor intensive, and propably will not get realtime playback.


      I've read the guide I can communicate with the player (piSuites->timelineFuncs.).

      Do I have to tell it not to try to play realtime?

      What is the exact function of it? And how do I do that?


      Now if I try and play an unrendered piece of my transition, playback stutters and continues to stutter even beyond this point.

      This is not a really nice way to handle playback.

      So I'm wondering what to do...




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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Jaap,


          Unless the player plug-in is one that you've developed, you won't be able to communicate with it to change the real-time reporting of your effect.  Your transition will automatically be flagged as non-realtime, with a red bar above the segments that the transition spans in the timeline.  Playback in Premiere Pro plays at full speed, rendering the transition as fast as possible, which may or may not be full frame rate according to the processing power required and the system setup.  If you don't get full frame rate in the preview, and you need to see that, as a user you can generate preview renders.