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    Can't stroke less than 1pt using "Basic" if a path is horizontal or vertical in CS5

    jamforfrances Level 1

      Hi all,


      Something weird happened in Illy CS5 for me. I can no longer stroke lines [or shapes] using the "Basic" brush [the default stroke in Illy] with a stroke of less than 1pt [or its equivalent (like .376 mm for example)] if a line is either horizontal or vertical or if a shape has either a horizontal or vertical line in it. If I take a line that is diagonal and is stroked with a .25 pt stroke and I align it vertically, then the line stroke pops to 1pt. If I take that line and make it diagonal again, then I can change the stroke so that it is less than 1pt again.




      I have:


      1. reset all my preferences [plist as well as CS5 prefs in folder]

      2. restarted Illustrator [multiple times]

      3. restarted my machine


      With no luck. I still have the problem.


      A bit before I noticed the problem, I changed a bunch of my unit preferences to millimeters as well as the units for the document and then changed them back to points. I would think that this might have something to do with the problem, but my husband went and did the same thing and didn't manage to incur the same problem.