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    Every test fails on Animation Time.

    pyrografix Community Member

      A lot of our ads are set to 18fps. Which some specs requrie as a lowest common denominator. Is your 24fps test messing with my 18 fps framerate causing it to go over?


      It's consistantly going over by two seconds even though I time it for 14.5 just to be safe.

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          Lars Wulfken Community Member

          Hi - thanks for your feedback!


          Our for 24fps just checks the framerate of the file. We don't change the frame rate. Your 18fps file should be playing at 18 fps.


          We currently define "animation time" by listening to screen updates that the player does. It might be the case that your SWF does stop playing, but some libraries, undeleted timers, etc. still force the player to update the screen. Perhaps you have some ongoing animation via actionscript, thus failing the spec.


          Could you please review your file and let us know if there are animation timers or libraries involved?



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            pyrografix Community Member

            Yes, we rely heavily on things like TweenNano and our own custom coded animations.


            I was thinking about ways you could test it. Lets say, at the desired time, you could capture bitmapData of what should be the final frame, then capture several other frames afterwards and compare the bitmapData. That way you can difinitively tell whether or not the swf had stopped visually playing back.