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    Motion Menu

    kwompus Level 1

      I am on 5.5 and have been working at this for too long, but I have been trying to create a motion menu - I tried dynamic link into AE to try and reveal/animate the buttons at the end of my :45 video (created in PP) - I was then going to loop the menu, but AE would not recognize the file (it would not populate when I double clicked).  I then simply tried to create a motion menu in Encore, which works, but the moment I add a button I am no longer able to preview the motion menu video....note - I am starting w/ a 'blank menu hd' as my template vs. using a prebuilt template.  Also, I attempted to loop my menu to have it play 'forever' but when I populated the timecode of where I wanted it to loop is simply froze the video at that point - making the video into a still.


      Any help would be greatly apprecited, but I've got to crash so i won't see it until the am.


      Thank you.

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          kwompus Level 1

          sorry - one more thing...


          I was able to dynamic link a PS file/menu into AE, but I couldn't bring it back into Encore and get Encore to recongnize the buttons.  Again, any help would be appreciated.

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            kwompus Level 1

            once again I apologize...


            CS5.5 Adobe Suite

            Windows 7 Home Premium – 64 Bit, SP1

            Dell XPS 630i -  Core 2 Quad CPU @2.40 GHz

            8 GB RAM

            1 TB Main drive, 1TB secondary drive, additional external storage via USB.

            LG Blu-ray DVD burner (model LG-BH12LS35)


            NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 – Monitors 1 & 2 (Mercury Playback engine enabled in CS5)


            Radeon HD5600 card for HDTV monitor (connected via HDMI)

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              Jeff Bellune Level 6

              Try File | Render | Motion Menus after you make any changes to the menu.



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                kwompus Level 1

                Thanks - I checked and you are correct - the mistake I made was when I first imported the video into the menu it played w/o rendering - in fact, when I tried to render the video I was unable to do so.  I assumed it was because I had already renedered the video in Pro prior to bringing it into my Encore project.  What I've leared is that each time you make a change in your menu you need to render the motion video - which when you think about it makes sense.


                I will try and use dynamic link to bring this into AE - maybe now it will recongnize it as a proect w/ layers.


                Thank you again.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 6

                  You're welcome.