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    Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?

    Petteri_Paananen Level 4

      Hi folks


      Time to time I have to merge PDF pages (pages 2-3 to one doublesized page etc). I have always done that by printing multiple pages per sheet... in my case 2 pages per sheet, but instead of printing, I have saved my work as PDF.


      Now I have upgraded to MacOS X 10.6 and that doesn´t work any more. If I try, I get warning "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported, use File>Save instead".


      My problem is that there is no option "Save multiple pages per sheet"... so there´s no use to save it.... Is there some workarounds? I really need this feature and I can´t believe it has been taken away....

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reburning pdf files has been frowned upon by Adobe for several years now. The changes in the pdf printing capabilities were required by Snow Leopard's internal architecture changes. Adobe had no control. The best way to do what you want is through a neat utility I have used for years, Quite Imposing, www.quite.com.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            Is it really so that there is no tool for merging pages in Acrobat.... HUH, I can´t believe this is true....


            Anyway, thanks to let me know...

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, duplicate info.

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                rmgman Level 3

                One work around would be to create a blank PDF document to the size that you need. So, if you want to combine two 8.5" x 11" PDFs into a 17" x 11" PDF, create a blank PDF measuring 17" x 11".


                Then with your Blank PDF open, go to the "Document" menu and "Background" > "Add/Replace". For "Source" choose the page you want on the left and pick that PDF file setting the horizontal position at 0 from left.


                Then go to the "Document" menu > "Watermark" > "Add". For "Source" choose the page you want on the right and pick that PDF file setting the horizontal position at 0 from right. Make sure you set the opacity and scale to 100%.

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                  wsy_ Level 1

                  hi there,


                  i used to print into one single pdf multiple pages (like tiles of 16,32 or 64 pages) into one single poster size file. i cannot do that anymore so was wondering if any of you have found a workaround or a tip or tool to do this in an automated way?



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                    stevoramaa Level 1

                    I hope this helps! I've been back and forth trying to figure this out myself, and now I may have an answer!!!


                    I put a tutorial video to see visually!! I'll do my best to give step by step!

                    I am using a Macbook Pro 2.33ghz. Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.0.3

                    Click the Video to see how it's done on vimeo. You can also download it from my vimeo site!




                    1. In Adobe Acrobat go to "Combine Files into PDF"


                    2. Select the 2 files you want.


                    3. You will see that the 2 files are seperate and you want them to be together as one page. To do this>

                         Click "View>Page Display>Two Page View"

                    Boom, you see it's landscape, and they look to be on one page. BUT it's still 2 pages!! Hence in Two Page View.


                    4. Make sure you zoom out to see the edges of the pages. Make sure your tool bars and page drop down menus are hidden and not showing. You want to just see the landcape files side by side.


                    5. Go to "File>Create>PDF From Screen Capture"

                         This will than duplicate your screen and you will see another window of your work.


                    6. Now drop down from the left your "Tool" bar and click "CROP" tool

                         Crop the 2 landscaped files.

                         Once selected hit "ENTER" on your keyboard. This will than crop your file.


                    7. Go to "FILE" and save your work as a pdf.

                         You have now created 2 files into one page.


                    Once you have created the 2 page merge, you than take your final PDF and Combine Files into PDF allowing you to save your work as one PDF.

                    In my case it was a magazine file I needed to create. Didin't want each page to be one page at a time. Needed them to be combined as you can see in my tutorial!!


                    Thanks for looking and hope this helps!!

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                      goanna2 Level 1

                      There is another way which involves a bit of work, but it leaves the combined pdf editable (allowing that you only have Acrobat Pro).

                      Combine the pdfs as Steve described.

                      1. Using the Crop pages tool (Advanced > Print Production > Crop Pages), click the page and when the box comes up, select 'Change page size' and choose any page size that is at least twice as big. The page will probably not be the aspect you want - may be portrait instead of landscape.

                      2. Using the 'Touch up Object Tool' (Tools > Advanced Editing > Touch Up Object Tool) drag the marquee around your 1st page artwork, copy it, delete the artwork and rotate the page to horizontal aspect. Then paste the artwork back. Drag a horizontal rule down to line up the top of the artwork.

                      3. Go to your second page and using the same Touch Up Object Tool, copy the second page artwork and return to the first (enlarged) page and paste.

                      4. Drag the artwork into line, using the arrow keys to nudge into place, and crop page as desired.

                      Thanks for posing the question, there are probably heaps of ways to do it using Acrobat alone, but this is the only one I could come up with.

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                        Daniel Kahr Level 1

                        1) Open your original file in the application Preview


                        2) "Print to PDF" (pulldown menu in bottom left of print dialog window) with 2 pages per sheet just as you did before updating your OS.

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                          djwaraujo Level 1

                          I have done this! However, you might need Acrobat Pro to do this...


                          1) Open your PDF (in Adobe Acrobat Pro)

                          2) Chose print


                          The print/printer options pop-up will show.


                          3) In the printer section, do not use your normal printer, a printer named Adobe PDF should be an option. Chose it.

                          4) Under the "Page handling" section, change the Page Scaling drop-down menu to "Multiple pages per sheet".




                          I tried it with a document with over 100 pages and it only takes a few minutes for the conversion to take place, but it works perfectly.

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                            mr19th Level 1

                            It works, but it looses all of the font information and the search no longer works. How can you do it savint the font info so the search tool continues to operate?

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                              Lutin Level 1

                              There is a powerful plugin called Quite Imposing that does easily this (and many other tricks related to pages manipulation).

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                                Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Why do you repeat a 5 years old answer?

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                                  Lutin Level 1

                                  To let people know that it is still the easiest way to do it, after trying some of the advice given here

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                                    Greg Law Level 1

                                    Single page pdf from Multi-page pdf while maintaining true text and vectors, that is, not rastering the document. This explanation is intended to be complete. Unfortunately, in this matter there are a number of things which must be set up. Once done, it will be very easy to choose this output in the future.


                                    This was developed today after looking for an easier way of inserting UL Assemblies into an Autocad construction plan set. Given the size of the construction plan sheets and the large number of sheets in a set of plans, it is important to keep file sizes manageable while keeping text crisp. Therefore, it is important to avoid rasterizing the text. I am explaining my settings in the context in which I use them which includes Adobe Acrobat Pro X and Windows 8.1 Pro. They can be modified as needed for other uses. If you wish to test different scenarios, please do so without the expectation that others will do it for you.


                                    The primary feature is to combine multiple pages of pdfs while retaining the true text for searching, keeping the file size at a minimum and the print quality at a maximum.

                                    Key requirements: Properly set up Acrobat Print Settings Joboptions (explained below)

                                        Custom Page Size as needed

                                        Page Sizing & Handling: Multiple

                                        Pages per sheet: Custom: 1 by 5 (for example)


                                    Old way was to place and arrange multiple pdf's in modelspace and use multiple viewports to reassemble the pages into a detail in the plan layout view. Note that this required me to customize th Adobe print settings. Plan files I receive from architects and engineers indicate that their standard settings result in these files pdfs being rasterized resulting in huge files that are fuzzy looking and print poorly.


                                    New way is to create a one page pdf that is as long as needed to contain all the the original pages while not losing the editable/searchable text or vector lines. This single document makes both the creation of the plan document and management of the referenced files easier. Note that the original multi-page document must not be a raster (image, not true text) document. There may be many other ways to do this. This works for me and has taken a lot longer to write up then to set up (worked in my initial pass). Defaults indicated below are my current defaults which may have been altered from Adobe's defaults.


                                    The first thing you are going to need is a Adobe PDF Settings "joboptions" file with settings that minimize damage to the text and vector contents in a pdf. My settings are based on my prior experience in creating lightweight, non-rasterized pdfs from and for Autocad.


                                    The following are settings specific to creating the needed custom Adobe PDF settings file.


                                    File > Print >  {set printer to Adobe PDF} > Properties

                                    Default Settings: (yours probably says Standard - you will need to create a new configuration to avoid rasterizing your pdf) > Edit (important: you must use Saveas later to create a new, reusable Settings choice).


                                        Compatibility: Acrobat 8.0 (PDF 1.7)

                                        Object Level Compression: Off

                                        Auto-Rotate Pages: Collectively by File

                                        Binding: Left

                                        Resolution: 600

                                        All Pages

                                        Optimize for fast web view

                                        Default Page Size. Width: 8.5  Height: 55 (for my initial 5 letter size conversion); Units: Inches

                                    Images: Turn all Downsample and Compression to OFF


                                        Embed all fonts: Check (meaning the fonts in the current document)

                                        Subset embedded fonts... less than: 100% (if you think this pdf may need to be editing, I would turn this off)

                                        When embedding fails: Warn and continue


                                                Font Source will be your Fonts

                                                Always Embed: none (doesn't seem much point since you will "Embed all fonts" per above)

                                                Never Embed: none (Probably lists a bunch of standard fonts. Assuming that others have thes fonts on their devices is probably a mistake.)

                                    Color: (Keep in mind my usage is to create monochrome files for construction plans. You may want to manage your colors)

                                        Adobe Color Settings file: None

                                        Color Management Policies:: Leave Color Unchanged; Document Rendering Intent: Preserve

                                        Working Spaces: all grayed out due to "Leave Color Unchanged"

                                        Device-Dependant Data

                                            both unchecked


                                        The only item that I think might affect the desired outcome is: checked "Save original JPEG images in PDF if possible".  The original pdf already had its jpeg images compressed. Doing more most likely will result in very poor quality.


                                        Compliance Standard: None

                                        rest grayed out


                                    IMPORTANT: Use Save As... at bottom of any of the screens to create a new ".joboptions" file. Mine was saved in the default location: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings


                                    The following are settings specific to creating a single page from a multi-page pdf.


                                    PRINTER SETTINGS

                                    Printer: {Adobe PDF} Properties (by tab)

                                        Layout: Portrait


                                            Paper Source: OnlyOne (automatically might work, but is what I tried)

                                            Color: Black & White (for construction plan printing)


                                                Paper Size: Oversize 8.5 x 55 (example for 5 letter sheets)

                                                    Must be created if not previously done. Create new sizes as needed.

                                                Copy Count: 1 copy (default)

                                                Print Quality: 1200dpi (default)

                                                Image Color Management:

                                                    ICM items grayed out

                                                    Scaling: 100%

                                                    TrueType Font: Substitute with Device Font

                                                Document Options - unchanged

                                        Adobe PDF Settings - the Default Settings must be changed from Standard or similar to the new Adobe PDF Settings File you (may have) created above.

                                            Default Settings: (see my settings below)(yours probably says Standard - you will need to create a new configuration to avoid rasterizing your pdf)

                                            Multi-page PDF for Autocad (custom settings I created)           

                                            Adobe PDF Security: None

                                            Adobe PDF Output Folder: Prompt for Adobe PDF filename

                                            Adobe PDF Page Size: Oversize 8.5 x 55 (for example - created previously - see above)

                                            Rest of tab settings do not matter

                                    Adobe Acrobat Print Settings

                                        Print All or Pages range

                                        Page Sizing & Handling: Multiple

                                            Pages per sheet: Custom: 1 by 5 (for example)

                                            Page order: Vertical

                                            Orientation: Portrait


                                    Print (ta-da!)


                                    As previously noted, this is not intended to be the only way. There may be a number of settings which can be changed and still provide the same results. Page size settings, of course, must be changed in accordance with your specific needs. I hope my explanation helps others as I have been helped many times from people's explanations of a wide array of things. (I also intend to give it to my architect and engineers so that their plans will be better and more portable.)

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                                      johnxiedk Level 1

                                      You can download a PDF-printer (for mac it could be sourceforge.net/projects/pdfwriterformac/) and do it the way you used to . You select your files, choose print, choose two pages pr page, choose your pdf-printer and boom!

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                                        Mattapoisett_in_LA Level 1

                                        Since Quite Imposing is just under US$500, I think its not for the casual user.

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                                          fgplus.77497004 Level 1

                                          Daniel Kahr's solution is the easiest and most effective!!! Thanks!

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                                            jrmhome Level 1

                                            Best I could do (with XP, AA8)...

                                            1. from Acrobat pdf, 'Copy File to Clipboard'

                                            2. paste into new Word doc

                                            3. edit pages layout etc

                                            4. 'print' as AdobePDF

                                            ...at least one way to do it ?

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                                              ebdean42 Level 1

                                              Quite Imposing is over $400! Crazy.

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                                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                It can also be done with a script, most likely, which is much cheaper to develop.

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                                                  ebdean42 Level 1

                                                  Daniel Kahr's method is truly the best I've found online for Mac users. 


                                                  Expanded for Yosemite:


                                                  1. Open PDF in Preview

                                                  2. Click File>Print

                                                  3. Select LAYOUT in the drop down box just below the orientation options

                                                  4. Adjust your "pages per sheet" until you have what you want

                                                  5. Select Save as PDF from the PDF drop down box in the lower lefthand corner



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                                                    iamSmashy Level 1

                                                    DUDE! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing that!

                                                    I have tried so many pain in the sss work arounds!  This was pretty close to perfect!!!


                                                    I'd like the option to choose  2 across and 3 down or 4 x 2, but this is better than nothing!

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                                                      Lord Garth Level 1

                                                      Are these settings for Mac? I'm not seeing Layout or Save as on Win 7.   I can do File>Print and change page setup for two pages per sheet ( 2 by 1)  I adjusted paper size and then Print to PDF.  It works - kind of.  Problem is I'm getting white border even though I cleared Print Page Border option.  Maybe it's scaling the two original pages down?  Why isn't original content filling the sheet with no white borders? 

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                                                        brettk38223587 Level 1

                                                        You're not going to like my answer but if you own Adobe Pro, you likely own a copy of MS Office for Mac or Windows.  The best and easiest option that allowed a seamless merger of a two letter or legal size documents into a singe tabloid or any size document, was to use powerpoint.  MS Powerpoint allowed me to copy/paste each of the letter sized scanned images onto one sheet, resize the documents, join the boarders and print the document as one full landscape document.

                                                        • 25. Re: Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?
                                                          Tashka Level 1

                                                          Here's what I've learned about this common need.


                                                          Adobe refuses to add a "merge page" command despite it's stratospheric cost.

                                                          So, you won't find any.


                                                          There are many workarounds that vary from simple to complex.

                                                          Many are noted in this thread.  Here's is what I prefer:


                                                          The simplest method retaining max PDF info from the originals is to use the print multiple option.

                                                          - Open the PDF in the full Adobe package (not the Reader, of course)

                                                          - Select the pages you want to merge

                                                          - Choose Print to PDF

                                                          - In the PDF printer dialog, Choose the "Multiple" tab (Windows) or similar in Mac.

                                                          - In this tab, chose the orientation, rows, and columns to squeeze the images as you wish.

                                                          - Use the preview you have in this tab to see the approximate result.

                                                          - Then Print it to whatever file name you want.

                                                          - Expand the left margin in the original PDF that is still open to show page thumbnails.

                                                          - Click the down arrow on the page icon at the top.

                                                          - Choose insert page from file.

                                                          - Select the PDF you just created with the combined pages.

                                                          - View the result, in situ, to ensure that's what you want.

                                                          - Delete the former separate pages.

                                                          - Save this PDF as a NEW file to ensure you don't trash your original.

                                                          - You are done!



                                                          I had PDF images of the front and obverse of an important check but didn't want to waste 2 whole pages for this one check.  So, I chose both pages and used the method above.  I choose Landscape mode with 1 column and 2 rows since the checks are very wide and not too tall.  They fit on a landscape page nicely with only about 5% shrinkage - which was fine since exact scale was not needed.


                                                          Another typical example where I use this method is when I crop 2 or more pages, making each much less tall than a full page.  I'd use the same method above to merge 2 or 3 pages into 1, assuming they fit well.


                                                          Yet another example of this method is for creating posters of smaller pages on larger papers.  Using "tabloid" sized papers such as (17x22) you can print 4 pages in a 2x2 configuration.  This also allows you to create a master sheet for a print shop to use to publish a newsletter to be cut into 2-ups for folding and stapling. 


                                                          I hope this helps.  It is the method I find the easiest and most intuitive - though I am amazed at the plethora of alternatives presented here.

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                                                            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                                                            hmm, this is 5 years old post, I have very little need for doing anything with PDFs anymore...

                                                            besides your tip is not working with mac since printing PDF from PDF is not supported on Mac OS X...


                                                            but thanks anyway... maybe some windows user needs this tip...=)


                                                            Screenshot 2015-10-15 07.32.46.png

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                                                              TeoVincent4 Level 1

                                                              I am sooo glad I found this discussion! I am inventing something new, "suuure!" you say. Well, in this song I have added "artwork" that is the 4 page sheet music score! I see with current Preview application I can get up to 16 pages in the 1 image!

                                                              The next trick will be how does someone without iTunes get the image. Thanks ever so much to Adobe, you all, and the internet for this ability to learn, ask and share! Any suggestions how to help people get the image back out of this file?



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                                                                jd_vincent Level 1

                                                                Update -- now priced at $899

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                                                                  philips61638328 Level 1

                                                                  03-24-2017: Here is how to combine two pages side-by-side just as would be with an open magazine in front of you. I am using Windows 10 with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and MS Paint.


                                                                  Check these PDFs to see how it looks:  http://tinyurl.com/kamh4sa  and this: http://tinyurl.com/mlsgcjp 

                                                                  Remove the “-red” in the file address after loaded for the full quality PDF if desidred – these two are the reduced file size PDFs.


                                                                  I have spent much time with Adobe Support .Whatever method you use just using Acrobat will just be readable as such with Adobe Reader and Acrobat. If you want to have your PDF file readable in side-by-side when loaded from a web site then you need to do as follows:


                                                                  Always scan documents to image files (.jpg).

                                                                  Using Acrobat convert any PDF files to image files using File-Export To… - image – jpg


                                                                  Edit (crop, brighten, define as white area) each jpg in Picture Manager as needed - save.

                                                                  Open Page 1 in MS Paint – from View – zoom out to see total page – drag handle to create sufficient white space to the right of Page 1 – From Home – Paste – Paste from – Page 2 file will superimpose over Page 1 – drag to right and position – do any cropping – rotate to crop left and top sides – rotate back – save.


                                                                  Do for all pages – select in File Explorer all the dual page jpgs and right click – “Combine files in Acrobat” and go from there. Any issues I am at: philsaun44 at gmail.com  -- good luck., Phil

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                                                                    lesliemilne Level 1

                                                                    The Quite Imposing plugin costs $299 US and up! I can't afford that.  But thank you for offering an option!

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                                                                      philips61638328 Level 1

                                                                      Read the post from Philip Saunders Mar 24, 2017 8:24 AM (in response to Petteri_Paananen)
                                                                      No need for expensive add-on software - use MS Picture Manager and MS Paint as described.
                                                                      Works very well.  Phil  <email address removed by moderator>

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                                                                        Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                        You will lost many features of the PDF document.

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                                                                          lesliemilne Level 1

                                                                          I'm working on a movie script, trying to section out each scene.  So, I'm combining the pages from one scene, then exporting to Word.  Once there, I'm copying and pasting to drag sections together.  A little bit of formatting is lost and needs adjusted, but not too bad!  Then I save it as an Adobe PDF file.  It's insane that Adobe Reader doesn't have this simple capability!   

                                                                          • 35. Re: Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?
                                                                            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                            Why is it insane? Adobe Reader is just that, a reader of PDF files, not an editor or a creator of them.

                                                                            • 36. Re: Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?
                                                                              lesliemilne Level 1

                                                                              I apologize.  NOT Adobe Reader.  I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  And, for that program, it is insane to not be able to do this!

                                                                              • 37. Re: Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?
                                                                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                It can, in more way than one.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Merge 2 pdf pages to 1?
                                                                                  lesliemilne Level 1

                                                                                  Please share, because this switching back and forth with Word is a nightmare!  Lol

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