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    Hyperlinks in ebooks in CS5.5 -- Please share your info

    rontiara Level 1

      I'd like to make a suggestion.  Perhaps this will help the developers.


      It appears that some of us have no trouble with internal hyperlinks in ebooks, and others do -- which makes me wonder if it's something to do with individual systems.  I'd like to ask any and all who have exported to epubs with CS5.5 to leave an answer to these questions, whether you have had problems or not.  Perhaps one of our resident experts could suggest other questions.


      (By "internal hyperlinks" I mean a link that goes to another place in that document, not to a URL on the internet.)


      1.  Do internal hyperlinks work when you export a book to epub format?


      2. Do internal hyperlinks work when you export a single document to epub format?


      3.  Do you use a Mac or a PC?


      4.  What operating system are you using?


      5.  Any other input you feel may be helpful.


      Somehow we need to get this one figured out!


      Thanks for your input.