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        OK, I started this thread last August, and I'm back.  Bridge now crashes.


        I thought my problem was solved. Last time, I would click on the icon and just get the twirling timer circle momentarily, then nothing. Then one day Bridge just started working.


        Now, Bridge starts to open, I get a popup window over it asking if I would like to allow ffdshow (this once, always, never) and no matter which choice I make, the popup window closes- and Bridge crashes.


        Mini Bridge opens, but does not load. It says "Waiting for Bridge CS5".


        This is the 64-bit CS5.

        If I try to open Bridge in 32-bit, I get the twirling timer circle briefly, then nothing.


        I am completely up to date with Photoshop CS5 updates.


        I did, however, just install another photo editing program called PhotoDirector 2011 Beta.


        Any ideas? Sure hope Chenglong is still monitoring this thread! :-)



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          well I don't think you have a Bridge issue


          check and see what video codec packages you have installed/running


          ffdshow is a video codec installed with K_lite and some other packs, you need to disable that ffdshow from auto starting

          if you run a few videos it makes huge files and never shuts down - in the alt control delete (task  manager)  look in running processes and see if you see multiple svchost running. one or two is normal


          Many running will overload your memory and Bridge needs a lot of memory to read your files when it opens


          also try opening a folder with fewer images first- if you open a huge folder first it does take long to load (drag folder to Bridge icon)


          I am talking PC of course and I dont run 64 so someone lese may have a better suggestion

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            Preston Moochnek

            Have you tried to use mini bridge


            Preston Moochnek RPh/Photographer/Realtor

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              alpacajackie Level 1

              I think you may be on to something, Kat Woman.


              Yes, I am on a PC (Win7 64-bit)


              Yes, I know I have ffdshow enabled (that was the last selection I made, to have it run "always".


              Yes, I have 13 instances of svchost running right now.


              Yes, the first folder that I tried to open was a big one.


              I am researching how to turn off ffdshow auto tuning.


              And how do I know which svchost instances to turn off?


              Bridge is actually opening for me now, though at times when I try to open a large folder, it crashes. So it's definitely a memory issue. Though I have 8Gb on this machine. :-)


              Thanks for your help!



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                JolieKatana Level 1

                after you shut off ffdshow- restart - that should clear the instances of svchost


                other programs also create these files so it is not possible to know which to mess with

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                  Not sure if this forum is still active however I am a CS4 user who had the same issue with Bridge. Option 1 of the solution(s) suggested popped me right in. THANKS!!!  Been down for weeks.

                  • 126. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                    Preston Moochnek Level 1

                    I downloaded a copy of lightroom 3 and now all works well

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