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    1.How to play SWF on iPhone?

    sandy12593 Level 1

      I really want to play it on my iPhone, I do like the flash!

      I like it, and feel it a must to see it again and again!

      But I can't enjoy the excellent flashes on my iPhone, as the iPhone doesn't support *swf format. I know a converter which can help me to clear all these irritation and fulfill my aspiration, I want to know the brand of the converter. Anyone who can show me how to use it step by step will be appreciated.

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          ciciliu Level 1

          There are 3 Methods to Play Flash SWF on iPhone 4:


          1  Method to Play Flash on iPhone 4: Jailbreak. You need to jailbreak  your iPhone 4 iOS.

          Here is the procedure  flow chart: install OpenSSH -> download, install and set up Cyberduck for  Mac or WinSCP for Windows -> download Frash-0.02.deb file -> navigate to  /var/root/Media directory and create a folder named “Cydia” -> create  another folder named AutoInstall inside Cydia -> copy the Frash-0.02.deb  file to folder AutoInstall -> restart and enjoy Flash on your iPhone 4.


          2 Method to Play Flash on iPhone 4: Apple App. You need to have an  Apple-approved app Skyfire.

          Skyfire is a  Apple-approved application functions as a mobile browser tool that converts  Flash content to HTML5, will allow your iOS device to stream Flash videos from  the Web. You can easily find it in iTunes App Store.


          3  Method to Play Flash on iPhone 4: Convert to Video. You need to have a Flash SWF to Video Converter.Play Flash SWF files on  iPhone 4 indirectly by converting it to regular video/audio/image formats,  which are acceptable for iPhone 4. Do not worry about the Flash animation  effect because it will be retained 100% in the output MP4 or JPG format and you  can even make it better! The optional conversion mode and the advanced output  profile settings are the key. Let us have a look at how it works!

          Step  1:  Choose the iPhone 4 format MP4 with different resolution plans from Style drop-down menu.

          Step  2:  Choose the conversion mode, customize capture and profile settings to guarantee  a best-quality iPhone 4 format output.

          Step  3:  You can also convert the Flash file to other popular video, audio or image  formats and click Convert to start.  The SWF to iPhone 4 conversion will start officially in a couple of seconds  after the performance testing.

          Step  4:  Import the converted MP4 video to your iPhone 4 via iTunes and enjoy!