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    One Config Window to Color-Manage them all


      Hi there!



      I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but since there seems to be no Adobe Bridge Forum, here it goes: 



      I think Adobe should give Bridge a complete and unique window to manage Color Settings for all the Softwares when synchronizing them.

      Then we could decide all the aspects of your Color Management flow, for all the softwares, at once.


      The way things are today, the more you are sure how your Color Management flow should be, the less you are invited to use Bridge's synchronization.

      Why? Because as we know each software has some different settings on their Color Settings window.


      For example, InDesign doesn't have a "Black point compensation" option, because it's a Photoshop thing. And Photoshop doesn't have a "Ignore linked profiles (Preserve numbers)" option, as it's only applicable to InDesign.

      Other example: I may want to be asked when there are profile mismatches on InDesign, but I want Photoshop to always open the images with the incoming profie whithout asking.



      I just think USA (United Softwares of Adobe, as I call them) should finally shake hands and work on an unique solution for a change.




      Who's with me?