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    PDF Portfolio bug with acroread 9.4.2 Linux update

    n_payne Level 1

      Since updating adobe reader on Linux to 9.4.2, when I open a PDF portfolio created with Acrobat for Windows 9.4.2, the initial page is completely blank. It should show a thumbnail of the first page of each file in the portfolio, and this initial page still displays correctly when the portfolio is opened in the 9.4.2 Reader for Windows. I have two separate Linux machines, one running Ubuntu x84 and the other running Ubuntu amd64, and they both have the problem.


      Versions prior to 9.4.2 did not have this problem.


      A small PDF portfolio that shows the problem is at http://www.users.on.net/~njpayne/bikestuff/SmokersGap.pdf. Initial page displays fine on Windows, doesn't on Linux.