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    Adobe Reader X 10.1.0 freezes


      we are having issues where users are experiencing reader x freezing. when it freezes, the acrord32.exe is unable to be killed off and the PC needs to be rebooted.


      A strange behaviour was when one PC froze, i logged off the user and logged on as my admin account and the acrord32.exe was still running with the guid still visible in the frozen state. had to reboot to free up the application.


      When using Reader 9.x.x there were no issues, since introducing Reader X to the fleet of PCs we are getting calls left right and centre.


      We run a prodomantly WinXP SP3 but are filtering through Win7 PCs.


      What's going on with the stability of Reader with X ???

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          Can you let me know what exactly prompts the freezing of Adobe Reader X on your systems? Does it happen on simply launching the application OR does it occur when you open a specific PDF in the application?




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            frank_hks7mgt Level 1

            it varies. mostly when opening a pdf document (regardless from mapped shares, local hdd or emails) but we have seen an increase in when trying to print the PDF document (regardless of printers).


            Repair and reboot seems to be resolving most issues but in one case a windows user profile being recreated was the solution.


            Still early days though...

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              I am having the same issues. I uninstalled it and reinstalled 3 times and every time the same issues.


              It primarily occurs on websites with embedded pdf files. I have had nothing but problems on the usps.com website trying to print shipping labels.


              I finally uninstalled 10.1 and installed 9.4 which gives me no problems.


              I am using Firefox 5.0

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                Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                Would it be possible for you to provide me with the crash dump for the same. You can get the dump, by following the below mentioned steps:


                1. Install WinDbg from http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/installx86.mspx

                2. Launch WinDbg via the shortcut

                3. Click File->Open Executable

                4. Select AcroRd32.exe from "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" and hit "OK"

                5. Remember to press "g" and hit enter when you encounter the first breakpoint and then you will see a text "Debuggeee is running" and Reader will be launched

                6. Open whatever file is it that produces the crash in Reader.

                7. When you have successfully reproduced the sceanrio causing the crash/freezing of Adobe Reader X, enter the below command in the WinDbg terminal

                .dump /ma c:\temp.dmp (Hit enter)

                8. This will produce the crash dump at C:\ by the name of temp.dmp

                9. Please upload the dump  (compress the dump using WinZip or likewise) at some site and provide the link for the same.




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                  Jakpro1223 Level 1

                  I appreciate your attempt as resolving this issue, but this is a little bit too involved for me to complete. I would like to be able to use Reader without having to go through a number of hoops. I removed Reader X and installed 9.4 and it works flawlessly. When I tried to use Reader 10.1.0 to read pdf files that I have stored, it will not read several of them and 9.4 does read them. This is in addition to the freezing of Firefox repeatedly when trying to read pdf files from within the browser.


                  I tried several of the solutions on the discussion board as well to try to fix these issues. It just plain does not work correctly.


                  Thanks, Daniel

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                    I had the exact same issue. It occurred on Windows XP SP3 with Reader 10.1.0 recently installed.  User reported frequent freezes with Reader. Investigation showed that ~ 90% of pdf documents opened from a mapped network drive caused Reader to hang.  Process could not be stopped using task manager. The frozen Reader session persisted even when logging the user out and then logging in with a different account! Reboot was required to kill Reader.


                    Hangs did not occur in other local user profiles.


                    My Resolution:

                    Uninstalled Reader


                    Removed the registry key at HKCU\Software\Adobe\Reader

                    Reinstalled Reader 10.1.0

                    No more hangs.



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                      I am having the exact same problem with Adobe Reader X 10.1.0. (And let me tell you, the thing where logging out and back in still doesn't kill Adobe Reader is a horrible thing! Some of our documents are confidential, and the potential for logging in and seeing somebody else's open document from a theoretically crashed Adobe Reader is not a good thing.)


                      We've deployed Adobe Reader X through Group Policy here, so I thought that I might have done something wrong there (even though I've done it successfully in the past). When Adobe releases updates to Reader, I apply them through Group Policy as well.


                      Primarily because we've upgraded from one version to another over time, I'm wondering if something somewhere got hosed along the way. With that in mind, I'm going to try the workaround above suggested by FBCTNashville. (I'd be willing to do the debug thing, if necessary.)


                      Is it possible that the problem comes up depending on if there were one or more previous versions of Adobe Reader that have been upgraded over time as security patches, etc., are released?


                      Primarily because we've upgraded from one version to another over time, I'm wondering if something somewhere got hosed along the way. With that in mind, I'm going to try the workaround above suggested by FBCTNashville. (I'd be willing to do the debug thing, if necessary.)

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                        Are you running 10.1.x in "Protected Mode" on the Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 Machines?


                        Have you tried disabling your Antivirus software to see if it is having a conflict? 


                        There are numerous posts where older versions of Symantec Endpoint and McAffee have issues with 10.1.x.  I'd be curious if you have ruled out this possibility.

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                          My problem is very similar to this.  I am running Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 and Adober Reader 10.1.1.    I do not have any issues with the processes not shutting down when I log off, but the application does freeze.  It only seems to freeze when another application launches Adobe Reader X inside a browser while there is a standalone instance of Adober Reader already running.  When this happens, the browser instance freezes after a short period of time (less than 10 seconds).  I don't have to do anything; I can just sit there and stare at it and it will freeze.  I cannot click on anything within the browser, nor can I close the window without launching the task manager and killing the processes.  There are two processes for every application instance running.


                          I'm fairly certain that it's not the calling application that is causing the problem because this does not seem to be a problem for Adobe Reader version 9.4.  I have tried every suggestion mentioned here, but no luck.  I got a dump file created for both of the processes corresponding to the frozen Reader in the browser.  I zipped them together, but I don't see a way to attach the file here.  Is there anywhere that I can put them for you to access them?


                          If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.



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                            Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                            Hi Matt,


                            Thanks for sharing the list of apps installed on your system. It helped in zeroing in on the problem.


                            It seems that Symantec Endpoint Protection tool seems to be the culprit behind these frequent application freezes. It was a known in-compatibility with older versions of SEP, has been fixed with latest release – Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 RU6 MP2 or higher. Please refer to the below KB article for more details on the same:



                            Please update the SEP to the latest version available and see if it solves the problem.




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                              Hi all,

                              well i've to admitt that i have the same problem as frank originally mentionned it...

                              It hits randomely computers. Even those where acrobat X was installed again.

                              I have a Landesk Antivirus 8.8 Engine, and the symptoms are always the same.

                              Acrobat Freeze, and we are unable to kill the task, even when we close/open Session, the task is still here...

                              All computers are Windows XP SP3 With Office 2003 and Acrobat Reader X (10.1.1)


                              any idea ?

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                                BLKessler Level 1

                                In my experience, disabling "Protected Mode at Startup" in the General preferences resolved the issue.

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                                  Feety45 Level 1

                                  will try so, any possibilities to deply that "unticking" box ? because if it source of problems, i'll have to do so on 400 comps :S

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                                    BLKessler Level 1

                                    I used the Adobe Customization Wizard to customize the deployment package and the settings when rolling it out to the computers across our five physical offices. It's a bit cumbersome -- and there are other ways -- but it worked.

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                                      Feety45 Level 1

                                      Never tried it before, will take a look at it, thx for the Tip,


                                      btw, i've just tried to disable the protected mode at startup on a coputer that freezed, and i can now open PDF docs.



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                                        Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                                        Can you try disabling you anti-virus and see if it solves the issue.



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                                          frank_hks7mgt Level 1

                                          We're still having issues with this Reader X release and even with the 10.1.1 update as well.

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                                            Feety45 Level 1

                                            Hi all,


                                            i just have an other Acrobat Reader which get freeze.

                                            i have to reboot to kill process, just before i've deactivated my antivirus.

                                            After Reboot I tried to open an other PDF doc and still get that freezy thing.

                                            I let the computer 20 minutes alone, and when i get back the doc was available...

                                            I've untick the protected mode. And tried to open another doc and no freeze at all.

                                            Might be a good thing... i keep an aye on the unticked ones to see if another freeze thing come.

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                                              I give up!  I disabled the protected mode as suggested above, with and without an immediate reboot.  There was slight improvement in that the Diminish and Close buttons now worked, but as soon as I highlighted a pdf in several of my folders and clicked "Open" everything else still instantly froze.  I've wasted too many hours on this already.  So, I closed and uninstalled Reader X and Googled good old Reader 9.4, installed it, and am opening pdfs without difficulty.  When Adobe announces and upgrade to X that fixes its serious freezing problem, I'll give it another whirl.

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                                                I'm also experiencing freezes when opening PDF files using Adobe Reader X (10.1.1).

                                                Today, suddenly I realized when I go offline (cut my internet connection), Adobe Reader comes back immediately.

                                                This is of course not a solution, but could it be a hint ?

                                                It seems Adobe does something on the Web (looking for something unknown) when I'm opening documents.

                                                What it is - I have no idea, however it should not be searching for updates cause I switched off automatic updates download and installation.

                                                Btw, I already had these freese things before I installed Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP version 11.0.6200.754) today.

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                                                  Disabling protected mode fixed it for me.

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                                                    This is an issue with Adobe Reader's Protected Mode in WinXP.

                                                    You need to disable Protected Mode.

                                                    In Adobe Reader: Edit --> Preferences --> General

                                                    At the bottom of the page uncheck the checkbox next to Enable Protected Mode at startup

                                                    Follow all prompts.

                                                    Your problem should be resolved.

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                                                      FBCTNashville Level 1

                                                      It is most definitely not cause by protected mode in many instances. I've delt with it dozens of times and protected mode has been disabled in almost every case.


                                                      The commonalities are:


                                                      Windows XP SP3

                                                      Original install was Reader 7 or 8

                                                      Upgraded through each successive major update of Reader to 10.1.0 (and beyond)


                                                      In each instance, there is a bunch of leftover junk in the registry related to previous major version numbers of Reader. Additinally, there is extraneous junk in the %userprofile%\application data\adobe\ folder related to previous versions.


                                                      Removing and reinstalling Reader does not resolve the issue.

                                                      Removing and then deleting the %userprofile%\application data\adobe\reader data and then reinstalling works in a very few instances

                                                      Removing, cleaning registry key at HKCU\Software\Adobe\Reader and then reinstalling works in 90% of the instances

                                                      Removing, cleaning registry (as above) and removing \app data\adobe\reader\ has worked in every instance so far.


                                                      It is clearly an issue with incomplete uninstalls of older versions of Reader.

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                                                        we had this problem at our company too. Adobe Reader 10 freezes at startup and cannot be killed using task manager. When looking for the process of the Acrobat window (2 windows are listed), one belongs to AcroRd32.exe and the other one to crss.exe.


                                                        So far, disabling "protected mode at startup" has always solved the problem (Win7 64bit, only SAP/Office installed).

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                                                          QQleQ Dramaprodukties

                                                          I have Adobe Reader XI, latest version. Couldn't get to preferences - it would freeze if I tried. I found a very easy, working solution: uninstall Reader (hard to do, uninstall froze as well ), install Foxit. For more advance functions I use my Acrobat.

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                                                            pwillener Level 8

                                                            QQleQ Dramaprodukties wrote:


                                                            ...install Foxit.

                                                            And get free spyware sneaked onto your system!  They did that since v1.0 and still do it today.

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                                                              The reason acrobat reader is freezing it is looking for your network printer and you have to wait for it to ping back: the best way to get ride of the acrobat freezing to a network printer is to isolate and change your network printer port and make it local printer and give it it's own ip address, this is the only fix for this problem, once you give your network printer is own ip address there is no need to change any preferences. This will work with xp, windows 7&8:

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                                                                BLKessler Level 1

                                                                Forego, the problem has always been tied to Protected Mode. Disabling it at startup is the resolution.

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                                                                  forego123 Level 1

                                                                  By disabling protection mode you are disabling one of the key security features of acrobat reader, which down the road could lead to virus attacks and your own personnel security breach. By giving your printer it's own ip address you use reader the way its designed.

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                                                                    What about systems where you have no printer of any kind, and also no internet access?  (Yes, this is still a useful system, just not for something like home use.)  That's what I'm having to deal with.  I've let it sit for over a half hour and the CPU is pegged at 99% the entire time.  It never releases.  I always have to kill it.