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    Keyframing Camera Movement on Multiple Axis with Multiple Speeds Simultaneously


      A very common technique I continue to see is when a camera is rotating around some type or group of animated objects, in multiple axis, and slows down for a little bit, then speeds up to finish the movement.


      In fact, I think it is used in the Adobe Training Videos as part of the general intro.


      How is this done?


      Everytime I move a camera around something, on multiple axis, the keyframing results in some funky extra movement. I cant get the camera to slow down without it arching a little bit. It just will not move in one continuous motion. Fast > Slow > Fast.


      I am sure this is a simple technique, but I have tried everything that I know to get it to work and it will not. (Not like I know alot, I am an novice intermediate if that makes sense).


      is it simply keyframing the camera, or is it putting the movement in slow motion for a bit?


      I watched this video, but of course, it only deals with movement either only horizontal or only vertical...




      Here is an example of the effect I would like. Keep in mind i am only using this as an example of the camera movement and changes in speed:




      Can anyone help me out here?


      Thx in advance.