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    "Paste special" suddenly isn't working


      All of a sudden, when I "paste special -- unformatted" text from one document into another, it's not picking up the text attributes of the text box I'm pasting it into. This is a BIG deal for me, as I'm constantly plugging e-mailed info into charts I have already set up. If I have to reformat every time and re-do tabs, it's going to take up a lot of time. How can I get "Paste Special" to work again??


      Edited to add: I'm running Freehand MX on Windows XP. (It's a work computer.)

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          maeric Community Member

          I'm on a Mac but I find this same behavior happens sporadically with me. I need to re-copy my original text and run it through paste special a second time. Or I will convert my rich text to plain text in my clipping program before bringing it into FreeHand. If any one else has an answer to this, I'd like to know as well. Like I said, it only happens every so often.

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            Judy_Arndt Community Member

            There was a similar issue on the Mac sometime in my hazy past.


            The solution at that time was to clear the system clipboard by going to the Finder and copying any unformatted text – a filename will do.


            Then copy the text you want to bring into FreeHand.


            I have no idea if this will work for you on a Windows machine. Good luck.


            Judy Arndt

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              sourismom1 Community Member

              Thanks for the replies! I finally thought later to try it in a different document, and it worked fine there. So maybe there was something with the particular document. It never did work in that first one.