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    For all recording/playback users : on 11/10/11, you need to upgrade your SDK

    Nigel Pegg Level 4

      Hi folks,


      I'm sorry to have to announce this, but we're in the process of making some upgrades to our service infrastructure (upgrading some FMSes, specifically, to address security), and it's going to have an unintended side-effect.


        In the FMS version we got, new method calls are being embedded in the FLVs we record, and there's no way to turn them off =(. This means that clients which try to play back those FLVs need to have code to catch those method calls, or an exception will be thrown.


      It's really lousy, but we need to perform this upgrade ASAP. Thursday of next week, we'll ship a new SDK, and you'll just need to recompile your apps with that SDK. Older recordings (recorded before 11/03/11) should be unaffected.


        Please know that we take issues like this EXTREMELY seriously. This is the first time in the history of LCCS that we've made a change which forces you to recompile, and we intend on NEVER doing so again. We're a little stuck between a rock and a hard place here.


        Thanks for your understanding



      [Edit - we had to move the date back a week, due to Nigel's Law - see my post below...].