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    Adobe Flash Player causing IE and Chrome to crash when on ESPN


      I have a 64 bit Windows 7 Sony Vaio that I just purchased.  Everything seems to be working ok, except when I go to ESPN.  When I have Flash Player enabled, Internet Explorer and Chrome both stop working and crash unless I leave the page.  When I have uninstalled Flash player or disabled it, I do not have the problem (but I can't view Flash movies on any website).  Adobe Flash Player works fine on other websites on all browsers, its just this particular website on all browsers.  I think the problem is with Flash or involves a virus/malware.  I have MacAfee and nothing is coming up.  I read about a Host file issues in other threads but don't know enough about fixing that myself (if that is indeed the problem).  Does anyone have any suggestions?  If if it involves a virus, can someone suggest a program to fix the problem?