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    Betrayed by Adobe


      Would you mind helping me explain to my boss on Monday morning that the millions of dollars we have spent on Flex development is now being abandoned by Adobe?


      Donating Flex to an open source foundation is a joke. We know how well that turned out for Java...


      I've invested years developing significant proficiency in Flex. It now feels like a waste of time. I'm sure there are a lot of enterprise customers with large investments in Flex wondering the same thing. Why is there no clear migration plan? Why is Adobe abandoning Flex so suddenly? HTML5/JS/CSS still has significant issues with compatibility. We have built large, sophisticated rich internet applications that were only possible due to the ability of AS3 and Flex to support large scale object-oriented development. We don't build simple web apps, we build complex data visualization tools that our customers love. What are we going to tell are customers now? Sorry, Flex is dead and HTML5 isn't quite there yet, let's try again in a couple years?


      Thanks for nothing Adobe.