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    Interactive Statement unable to access Web Service

    Muhammad Ali Rizvi Level 1

      I have a working Flash Builder project from which I generate a nav file which I use to generate an Interactive Statement using a process in Workbench.

      The Interactive Statement works fine with all the Flash content and data merged from xml.


      When I incorporate using a Web Service in the Flash Builder project code to populate a data grid, and regenerate the nav file to generate the interactive statement, the interactive statement gives the following security error when opened:


      Security error accessing url

      Destination: DefaultHTTP


      It seemed that this issue is related to cross domain policy or something like that, BUT I do not get this error when:

      1. I run the Flash Builder project directly from Flash Builder that fires up IE and my flash content works perfectly fine in the HTML wrapper, including the web service call that works fine. This works fine both from the bin-debug and the bin-release folders of my Flash Builder project.

      2. I created an AIR application from scratch, and consumed the same webservice as used in the earlier Flash Builder project being used to generate nav file for Interactive Statement. The AIR application also works perfectly fine in invoking the web service and does not give any errors.


      Question: Why is my Interactive Statement unable to access the web service and gives the error as mentioned above when the same web service is being accessed and consumed successfully by the same flash content in an html wrapper and in an AIR application. How to make my flash content embedded in the PDF container to access and consume the web service?