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        I found an interesting behaviour in CS5 regarding parameters hints not showing in a method:


        Say, if you had a class something like this:




             public class MyClass


                  public function MyClass(hello:String = "world"):void {}




        In your flash IDE, type out this var myClass:MyClass = MyClass(


        The resulting code hint would be: MyClass() where it should show MyClass(hello:String = "world")


        The Solution? Remove THAT :void from the method..

        • 41. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
          Tareq AlJaber Employee Moderator


          I was actually able to reproduce in both Flash Pro and Flash Builder. The reason i mentioned Flash Builder is because Flash Pro somewhat using the Flash Builder code hint engine. I am going to go ahead and file a bug against both products. Thanks for reporting it.



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            Just want to report that I had this problem and deleting the cache following the instructions from Nivesh in post #12 fixed the prob immediately. THANK YOU!

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              DigitalChristian Level 1

              I'm experiencing same problem too, and it's quite frustrating. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't work for no apparent reason. It wastes our development time, and this bug should be a high priority. Forget all your 'look and feel' enhancements to the product which we, customers, don't really care. It is the reliability of the software which matters.


              So for example, I had two .fla in the same directory - and they both had same actionscript source path settings. The code hint would work with one .fla but won't work at all for the other .fla (even the in-built library). One other time, I had a project where the code hint would work prefectly fine - and then the next day, it no longer work. Furthermore, sometimes the built-in library would work while my custom library didn't.  I can't even begin to explain why, as it's just totally random.


              I have even tried clearing out the code cache and restarted my computer multiple times. This doesn't help.


              I had my flash project located in a folder that contains other flash projects and various files such as .bmp, .zip, .txt, .csv and so on and placed all my class files inside a folder called 'scripts' which contains ONLY AS3 class files. There was about 150 classes within 40 subfolders. The code hint won't work until I placed the same flash project inside 'scripts'.


              I have prepared a video to show you what I was experiencing. The proof is right there in the video.




              Funny thing. I even tried creating a new folder and placed the problematic project inside it. Still the same problem.


              I am more than glad to assist you tracking down this bug. I'm an experienced computer user, so don't be shy to ask me for technical stuff.

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                Tareq AlJaber Employee Moderator

                Could you please try this and let me know if that solve your issue







                • 45. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                  DigitalChristian Level 1

                  Hello Tareq,


                  Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried that. I even tried using a value of 5000.




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                    socalfish-fDJTBM Level 1



                         Sorry no go. I read somewhere about this. Tried it once and it didn't work. My system crashed a couple weeks back so all my settings were lost. But I did add this per the link. It appears that Adobe never really had code hints on objects with reserve wording "_mc" for movie clip. In CS4 worked but CS5 is all new functions and has been removed. The only way to display code hints using a object is to declare the object... IE var ClipName:MovieClip then you can use the name and it brings up code hinting. Miss the code hinting though!






                    Jim Crawford

                    Web & eLearning Developer



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                      Tareq AlJaber Employee Moderator

                      Hi Jim,


                      Yes, Adobe Flash CS5 code hint model does not provide code hints for "_mc,_btn,etc..".





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                        socalfish-fDJTBM Level 1

                        All good. If you use the Ctrl + Spacebar then you can get code hints up. I had forgotten about this until I went back in and read my old posts.


                        Good try though!






                        Jim Crawford

                        Web & eLearning Developer



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                          DigitalChristian Level 1

                          Hello Tareq,


                          Any luck on finding the cause of the problem as shown in the video? When can we expect a Flash CS5 patch?





                          Edit: Unbelievable, I managed to find the solution. In Actionscript 3.0 source path settings, I re-added '.' (dot) and code hinting worked beautifully within my flash application. Prior to this, I only had the path to the root of my class package defined. Who would have thought that removing '.' would screw up code hinting..

                          • 50. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                            Tareq AlJaber Employee Moderator

                            the "." is your current working directory. Code hint engine won't look in your current working directory if the "." is not there.




                            • 51. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                              DigitalChristian Level 1

                              I know that.


                              If you exclude the '.' from your source path settings, no code hint works within flash application (i.e. its timeline)


                              For example,


                              1. Create a brand new Flash CS5 application

                              2. Modify Actionscript Settings, and remove '.' from the source path.

                              3. On layer one of the movieclip timeline, click on the first frame and press F9 to bring up Actionscript panel

                              4. Start typing in --> import flash.


                              Result - no code hint.


                              The confusing part here is that 'my working directory' has nothing to do with flash or fl packages.


                              I should be able to remove '.' because the working directory could be too large, i.e. full of other old .fla or class files. So, that is why it is useful to specify a folder in which flash code engine will only look in.

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                                I recently had the same blue arrow problem when writing an .AS file.


                                After cursing for an our i noticed that I had an AS2 fla opened, and my .as was set to compile that fla, instead of the AS3 fla I wanted it to compile.


                                That was the problem.


                                What i did is simply select the correct fla on the drop down menu placed below the file flaps, and press ctrl+enter (compile).


                                Then the codehint worked perfect

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                                  Ninarama Level 1

                                  Thanks for that link!


                                  Just to give some positive feedback here.

                                  In my case, code hinting also stopped after some time, NO yellow warning sign, but it just didn't kick in.


                                  I followed the instructions on the link you provided:



                                  ...and this got it all working again!


                                  Reading this thread I almost had the impression that nothing would work, but this just worked like a charm.

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                                    Tiago Roldao

                                    For OSX:


                                    Well, this worked for me (but I haven't the slightest idea why): I had folders with non-roman characters in the path to the .fla's folder. After extensive trial-and-error saving, I realized that the problem (in my case) was due to that, and now it works like a charm!


                                    I tried this AFTER adding the project file cap line to the prefs file, and (again, NO IDEA why) files already saved to my computer on non-roman titled folders are working as well (files not saved in a MAC, but in a Windows computer - ANY file I save in a folder with non-roman characters on ANY of the folders in it's path doesn´t work, even if it is a blank file with just stop() on frame 1)


                                    Hope this works for you!

                                    • 55. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working? - Deleting CodeModel folder worked

                                      Deleting the “CodeModel” folder worked for me. 


                                      However the location of this folder is not where someone said it was for me on my mac.

                                      Applications–>Adobe Flash CS5 –> Common –> Configuration –> CodeModel



                                      Even if this is the fix … why does this work?… and how do I prevent this from happening again?



                                      • 56. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                                        thepopoman Level 1

                                        I didn't realize that this path mentioned above does exist. It's just that OS X 10.7 hides the ~Library. I deleted the CodeModel folder under my Flash Application and it seemed to fix the code hints problem.


                                        I have not tried deleting this ~Library CodeModel folder yet but if I encounter more code hint problems I will delete this CodeModel folder path shown below:



                                        • 57. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                                          asiabackpacker Level 1

                                          Try going into your preferences, and turning code hinting off, close preferences, then reopen preferences and turn code hinting back on. That worked for me, and now I'm happy again

                                          • 58. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?

                                            Hi, everyone!


                                            Deleting "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\<language>\Configuration\CodeModel" subfolders worked for me!

                                            Configuration: Flash Professional CS 5.5 PT_BR (  / Windows 7 - 64 bits 



                                            12. Jul 16, 2010 2:02 PM (in response to matteosistisette)


                                            Thanks, Nivesh!


                                            • 59. Re: Flash CS5 code hinting not working?
                                              Steve L Level 1

                                              Hi All


                                              I may have figured something out regarding code hinting.


                                              Overview: I am testing a simple interaction with ExternalInterface and one button (movieclip) on the stage. The movieclip has one event listener and calls one function. I am using the Flash IDE to create everything. No external AS files just a down and dirty old school Flash test.


                                              Condition: I created the mc and gave it an instance name and 2x checked in the lib that it WAS a movieclip - yet when I opened the actions panel - no code hinting.


                                              i.e. btn_0.add... does not bring up a code hint for addEventlistener nor does typing MouseE bring up a code hint for MouseEvent and so on


                                              Solution: However when I *CAST* the movieclip on the stage as a movieclip and assign it to a var like the following


                                              var btn:MovieClip;

                                                   btn = this.btn_0;


                                              Code hinting starts working as expected.


                                              Hope this helps someone out there.

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