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    Flattening Problem

    vijayvijay77 Level 1


      I have a PDF being overlayed with data coming from a database. After inserting the data in the PDF, I am Flattening it and Merging it with other PDF flattened forms to make a final PDF form.

      I am using ColdFusion+Adobe Acrobat+ cfpdf tags with Flatten option and merge option. The problem is that, this particular form loses all the data after I use the Flatten option. And if I remove the

      Flatten option, it works correctly displaying all the data. Please help.


      Thanks and I really appreciate your time and pateince with me,



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure what this has to do with Acrobat Scripting, but flattening a pdf flattens the pdf form fields. That is the way it is intended to work.

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            vijayvijay77 Level 1

            Hi Michael,



            Thanks for replying. Sorry, If I have placed my query in the wrong section.

            If I use a flatten option using cfpdf tag, the final file is removing all the fields from the Pdf.

            Let me know, which Section sholud I post these question.


            Again, I appreciate your pateince with me,


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              To Clarify what you are saying is that the fields in the last file you are using is removing all the fields, as well as the values they hold, and not flattening the document?

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                vijayvijay77 Level 1

                Hi Walker,



                Yes Sir. Absolutely.

                I can see the file before Flattening option being used, and, its filling out all the Fields as required. But, If I Flatten it Using Flatten option of CFPDF tag, it is removing all the fields and their values.


                I tried recreating the file, and It didnt work. I am using the same pattern to Flatten all the other PDF forms and are working, except these one.

                Thanks for replying, as I still cannot figure out what is the problem with the file.


                Thanks & Regards,