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    Looking for info on Photoshop Touch, stylus, PSE9

    demonessmoon Newcomer

      Could someone please answer the following questions?


      1. Can I transfer files from Photoshop Touch to my computer without an internet connection?

      2. Will the same files saved in Photoshop Touch work In PSE9 and up?

      3. Would a Wacom Stylus designed for tablets work with this program?


      I have the idea that the answer would be no to all three.  If so then I''ll have to wait until Adobe Photoshop Touch advances further as it won't suite my needs as yet.  I want the ability to work on the tablet with photoshop pse9 up and a wacom stylus as i would work on a computer.  maybe this should be put under suggestions.



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          David-Herman Newcomer

          Actually, I'd say the answers to these questions are mostly no, but with one or two "kinda sorta maybe or yes, though it would involve some extra steps".  Specifically:


          1. Probably - but it depends on other factors.  The easiest way to get files from PS Touch to your computer (and vice versa) is via the Adobe Creative Cloud, and you would need an internet connection for that.  However, most tablets can also be connected to a desktop computer via USB cable (one probably came with your tablet), and files can generally be transferred using via USB. Exactly how easy or complex it is to do that trasfer depends on the combination of what tablet you have and what OS your desktop computer is using.  It's pretty quick and easy with some combinations, and it's much more difficult with other combinations.  With some combinations it may also require additional "file management" or transfer software.  Ultimately, this is not really a question about PS Touch, it's a question about accessing and transferring files (any kind of files) between your tablet and computer.


          2. Not directly, although it could be done.  This is one of those "you could do it if you really wanted to or needed to, but it probably doesn't make sense as a regular workflow" things.  PS Touch saves files in its own native format, PSDX.  Photoshop CS5 can read and open these files (when you install the free file format plug-in).  Once opened in Photoshop, you could save the file in a format that PSE can open.  So there's a workflow that could get you there, but I assume you want to go directy to PSE, and no, that's not currently possible.


          3. No. This one's pretty clear.


          Hope that helps.

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            Warunicorn Rockstar

            I could have sworn that Wacom's Bamboo Stylus for iPad would work just fine with other tablets such as those that are Android-based since it's merely a capacitive stylus to begin with? (The only difference being the Wacom's stylus is a little slimmer than a plain-vanilla capacitive stylus meant for tablets.) I don't know offhand since I don't own one; I use a Rocketfish (Best Buy) brand stylus with my Motorola Xoom just fine. (And, of course, it works with Photoshop Touch. The only thing that doesn't work is size and opacity based on stylus pressure but that's tablet and stylus-specific.)

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              demonessmoon Newcomer

              Thanks for the info.


              @Warunicorn - exactly, I saw the stylus that wacom brought out for the ipad so was wondering if it would work with touch.  but if the touch is limited to CS5 it doesn't do me much good.


              @David-Herman - thanks, but it still appears that Touch is limited.  If the format was added that allowed other photoshop programs to access it then great.  What I want to do is use Touch on my tablet as an extended version of photoshop on my computer i.e. if i'm on the move, i want to be able to easily transfer the psd files from pse to my tablet using wireless, memory card or cable.  i'm sure costs will be involved via internet so that's not viable.  i want then to be able to carry on from where i left off on the computer using the tablet and when at the computer visa versa.  if adobe can get that right and have it available to other tablets then you will have hit the jackpot because as far as i know, there isn't another company who has done that, yet.

              About question 3, have a look at wacom, they specifically created a stylus for use with ipad.

              think i'll add a suggestion.


              thanks anyway.

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                Luanne Seymour Champion

                Hi demonessmoon,

                You might want to try the wireless workflow described here. You can work on a file in PS Touch, store it on the Creative Cloud, then open it in Photoshop CS5 from the Creative Cloud.

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                  David-Herman Newcomer

                  Regarding your question "Would a Wacom Stylus designed for tablets work with this program?" it appears I may have misunderstood your question.  Let me take another stab at it.


                  You certainly can use a (capacative) stylus with any of the Touch Apps. I believe Wacom makes several of those.


                  I had assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that what you were looking for was a stylus that gave you pressure sensitivity.  That's not available.  Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.


                  Hope that clarifies things.

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                    demonessmoon Newcomer

                    Not a problem.  This is the stylus i mentioned.  It's still not the fine pen i would rather work with but it's a start and if it could work with Touch then great.


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                      demonessmoon Newcomer

                      Hi the problem is that I don't have CS5, I use PSE9.

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                        Warunicorn Rockstar

                        Don't know why Wacom would say the Bamboo stylus compatibility with the Galaxy Tab is "limited"; as long as it's a capacitive stylus, it should work just fine with any tablet, whether it's from Apple or Samsung. (This is as strange as the Bluetooth speaker from Logitech that's "for the iPad"; errrm...Bluetooth is a standard. It should work with any device that has Bluetooth.) It's certainly not a pressure-sensitive stylus.


                        The only thing I can figure out is that their support for its use on tablets other than iPads is limited.


                        Hi the problem is that I don't have CS5, I use PSE9.

                        Welcome to my world.