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    Can not convert 17 digit Number to String

    sanjay ruparelia

      I am facing issue in Number to String Conversion. I am using flex 4.5 SDK

      I have 17 digit numbers and when i try to convert in to string then it is not giving me proper result.


      Var myNumber :Number = 64336512942563914;

      Var myString:String  = myNumber.toString();

      trace(“myString ”+myString);

      trace(“myNumber ”+myNumber);


      //out put :

      myString 64336512942563910

      myNumber 64336512942563910

      Its automatically converts 17th digit to “0” value


      I have also tried type conversion(Srting(myNumber)) but no Luck same problem ,

      Also tried directly displaying number in the trace()  function same problem I am getting 

      Is this issue in the Flex Sting Class?