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    Attaching .scc files in PP -- not working


      Okay... I'm almost at my wits end.

      I've been doing closed captioning and subtitling for 10 years, I use the industry-standard software, I follow the workflows... and yet I cannot get any captions to display in PP CS 5.5

      I've looked through the forums, watched the VideoBrain help videos and it all seems so simple.


      Has anybody actually been able to get the "attach closed captions (.SCC format) to sequence" to work and display?

      Yes, the output is enabled on the program monitor. The timecode is correct in the timeline, the sequence and the .SCC file.

      The .SCC files work in all other software including Adobe Encore.

      There are no error messages displayed.


      Tech support has been unable to help at all nor can they escalate anything to a senior technician in anything under three days. I've had each tech (three) who calls me back ask me the same sets of questions but unfortunately all they are able to do is browse their own forums and online manuals which we all have access to already.


      It can't be this hard and money is flowing out my window as I see contracts collapsing...


      Has anybody had any success?


      OR does anybody know of a workaround? I'm trying to embed closed captions in an .mxf container and was trying to use PP to create the sequence then use Media Encoder to output it.


      Sorry for the frustrated rant