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    Exporter minimum requirements?


      I'm trying to port a Compiler plugin (that was targeted for CS3) to the new Exporter interface..


      Previously, @startup i described my plugin by setting compInfoRec->compilesVideo and compilesAudio to false (since my plugin only produces statistics)..


      Now, as first porting step, i want to obtain an Exporter implementation "that does nothing", and later implement the parametrization and the actual export.


      By providing
      -    exExporterInfoRec->canExportVideo and canExportAudio to false @startup,

      -    mock strings on query extension and on query summaries

      -    mock bitrate on query output setting


      The plugin simply crashes the Media Encoder without any apparent reason


      By providing also "some parameters" (by copying & pasting some portions of onGenerateDefaultParams and onPostProcessParams from the SDK File example) i'm able to reach the encoder setting dialog
      (withou preview, because video is disabled and with those useless params)
      but when i start the queue the Media Encoder fails immediately by marking the task with the yellow warning flag,
      and the debugger never reached the onExport handler


      So my question is:
      - is allowed to have an exporter that does not export video and nor audio??

      - Are there other requirement that any exporter must satisfy??


      Thank you very mutch for your attention

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I noticed that in your description you mention you are hitting Queue to send the export from Premiere Pro to Media Encoder, rather than doing a direct export from Premiere Pro.  If you do a direct export, does that work?


          If not, do you have the plug-in installed in the MediaCore location described in the SDK Guide chapter 1, which is usually something like:

          [Program Files]\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\[version]\MediaCore\

          If the exporter is only installed in a Premiere Pro subfolder, then the exporter will only be available to Premiere Pro and not available to Media Encoder when an export is passed from the Premiere Pro process to the Media Encoder process.





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            Aduer Level 1

            The plugin is installed in the common Media Core directory...


            At the moment i'm debugging with PPro & AME updated to the version 4.0.1, compiling 32 bit against the SDK 4r1 on Win 7 64bit


            Why if i dont add parameters (onGenerateDefaultParams and onPostProcessParams empty) the host crashes as soon as i select my filetype from the combo?

            may an exporter have no parameters, no video export and no audio export?? Your SDK File example is my main reference, but i don't need so much stuff!

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              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

              It seems that you'll need to set at least one of the two flags (canExportVideo or canExportAudio) to true.  You could set canExportVideo to true, but still only expose the parameters you need and skip using the Sequence Render Suite to call back for video frames.  Are you exporting markers?