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    pictures convert but text doesn't

    signcarver Community Member

      None of my text items convert properly. I get a blue question mark for any text. i have tried "Classic Text / Dynamic text", "Classic Text / Static Text". I'm comparing my file to another file that the text was successfully converted and i can't find any differences.


      The blue question mark shows up exactly where the text should be with the proper animation (either move or fade in) but the text and background do not appear.


      This is an example of a text item in the html code:

                <div class="wlby_10">

                  <!-- Start of symbol: new-fixed-and-floating-text -->

                  <img src="html5-flash/ezdockusa-flash-html5_assets/svgblock_1.svg" class="wlby_7"></img>

                  <!-- End of symbol: new-fixed-and-floating-text -->



      This is an example of the css for class="wlby_10":



          position: absolute;


          -webkit-transform-origin: 141.9px 9.8px;



      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much.