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    Illustrator CS5 memory problem




      I have iMac 7,1, Core2Duo 2.8GHz and 4GB memory.


      When Illustrator is started it takes around 200mb of Real Memory (I'm watching it in Activity Monitor). Then I open some big file (115mb) and Illustrator now uses 685mb.


      Now the interesting stuff: when I close that file, Illustrator's real memory usage is lowered by only 20mb (it's 662mb then), and then I reopen that file (or any other file or files), and memory usage is now 1.1gb! So, I close and reopen, and we're at 1.5gigs, close and reopen again - 1.88, again 2.25, again 2.65gb (100mb is free at this point), and when I close file and reopen it, Illustrator can't open it and there's pop-up message "The file is not readable".


      I used this example with big file, because it's quickest, but same thing happens with any other file or files, if I open them enough times.


      Good job, Adobe...


      Is there any solution for this, besides restarting Illustrator frequently???

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          I think you should go ahead and report this issue to Adobe https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


          Thank you for your input.




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            smudja11 Level 1


            thanks for link, I reported this to Adobe.


            Bug update: I tried this on two more computers, and same thing happens. Reinstall doesn't help neither.



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              Paul Rumens Level 1

              I have the same issue here.


              I have spent HOURS on the phone to Adobe trying to fix this issue, and erevy one I speak to makes me, re install. no one is admiting that there is an issue. but I found this thread:




              It seems that this is an ongoing issue.

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                MicahBurke Level 1

                See my post on Memory Issues in CS 4.


                IMO, Adobe did us a real disservice not making a 64bit version of Illustrator.



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                  Paul Rumens Level 1

                  I am still talking with Adobe support (up to about 6 hours in total) getting past from department to department. Not one person will admit there is an issue. They are playing the blame game, my favourites:


                  Are you on a network? We don't support networks.


                  Have you uninstalled CS3? You have to do that.


                  Have you uninstalled CS5? You have to do that.


                  Have you created a new account? You have to do that.


                  Did you download the installer from our website? It must be corrupt. Re download the 3.5GB dmg.


                  I't must be a problem with your internet. Use a disc.


                  And that is where I am up to. They are now telling me that I need to buy "Gold Support" for further assistants.

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                    I used to have this problem with CS4 and managed to overcome it by changing the application to work in compatibility mode. I am using Win 7 64 bit version and a really efficient setup. Changing the compatibility helped with CS4, but not with CS5 - it just brings up an error. CS5 is probably handling memory differently. Now I can't open up files done in CS4 on this new version.

                    Happily Macbook Pro opens up all these files nicely and I can get rid of some layers to open it up on this problem child program.


                    It's a shame that Illustrator is not 64 bit yet and also that it lacks some of the capabilities found in Indesign. At least there should be a packaging function, which would help with linked files... I am working on several projects and using multiple sources of images on my documents - picking up linked images to go with the original files is quite tiresome.

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                      MicahBurke Level 1

                      I'll be out of the office until Wednesday, July 7, 2010. If there is any emergency, please contact Marc Fey at 925-456-6400.


                      If you have my cell #, feel free to call if absolutely needed.



                      Micah Burke

                      Mancini's Sleepworld


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                        Paul Rumens Level 1

                        I'm on a Mac and having this issue!


                        So its not a windows thing, its a Illustrator is shite thing.


                        The real scary one for us was saving CS3 jobs as CS5 and finding that we can no longer open those files, god bless backups!

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                          I say it is a font cache issue and not Illustrator CS 5 which does not act that way here,won't be using any odd fonts or say free ones you happen to think would be a good idea to have install because they are so cool and they are free?


                          BTW if you are doing such large projects using Illustrator what in the world is on your mind when you purchase an iMac?


                          What about your scratch disk, space to store your files install your applications.


                          You realize that having unlimited undoes require scratch and if you do not have there source this is not going to fly.


                          115MB is a very large file for CS 5 I suggest you use 72 ppi for your raster image effects while you work on the file and output at the higher resolution only. Or perhaps even lower.


                          If you work at 300 ppi with raster image effects and have screwy fonts and you have such limited resources and work with large complex files then ou might consider investing in capable resources.


                          Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but the type and size of files you suggest really does require more resources.

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                            MicahBurke Level 1

                            I'll be out of the office until Wednesday, July 7, 2010. If there is any emergency, please contact Marc Fey at 925-456-6400.


                            If you have my cell #, feel free to call if absolutely needed.



                            Micah Burke

                            Mancini's Sleepworld


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                              Thanks for giving the good answer.

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                                Paul Rumens Level 1

                                I have done tests on a clean installed iMac, updated with the combo updater 10.6.4.


                                The only thing installed is a clean OS and Illustrator.


                                Its not the font Cache


                                Sorry Wade, but what are you talking about.


                                The OP has 4GB RAM and a 500GB HD. What would you recommend for Illustrator? I am on a i7 with 8GB RAM 1TB HD and having the same issue.


                                I agree that 115MB is large but what do you want the OP to do, I am sure he's not doing it for giggles. He cannot work at 72dpi, because changing the resoultion of the job at the end will mess up all his shadows and any Gaussian Blurs he has done.


                                One final thing here, the OP said:


                                "I used this example with big file, because it's quickest, but same thing happens with any other file or files, if I open them enough times."

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                                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                  I read that as well and it doe not happen on a older Mac Pro with 17 GB of RAM, I consider my Mac out of date and am myself considering replacing it because if you work large or on many files opened at the same time that's to be expected, There is no reason for the OP to be working at 300 ppi I don't think it will mess it up.


                                  The OP does not have the resources if he is working on 115MB files and if he used one specific file to effect this reulst then I say it is a font cache problem nd i do know what I am talking about.


                                  And no you can't just load anything you want on your system unless you know it will wok well with your system and so if the OP and you have junk on your system then you know where the problem lies.


                                  Having wrote this working on large complex projects in Illustrator will tax your system but one knows that from the go get and what effects AI is not really how large the file is but the complexity of it.For instance if you create paths with thousands of points and you duplicate them over and over in the same document, well you would have to consider reducing the number of points, if your raster effects setting is too high for the project you are working with then I say if you want to get your work done consider lowering the setting or simply not get the job done. But this is all old news standard practice
                                  even if you and the op do not realize it.


                                  After all yo u have your resources and your goal you have to work with your resources or get more resources or the alternative not do your work.


                                  And when you find the font that is causing the problem or the plug in or third party software let me know I would be interested in know what it iwas that causes this.


                                  Just remember it does not happen here Illustrator clears the buffer and use of the RAM as far as my system is working.

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                                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                    BTW it is best to have a separate scratch disk for Illustrator and best an internal drive, though not probably absolutely necessary and if the disk is fragmented a lot you can run into problems where you do not have a large enough continuous space to perform certain functions.


                                    Also if your other applications are using real RAM Illustrator my be using the scratch that might clear up as would actual RAM a easily.


                                    Perhaps you see what I am saying.

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                                      smudja11 Level 1

                                      So, You suggest that anyone with this problem should invest in 5000+$ Mac Pro with 32GB of RAM to successfully run Illustrator CS5 to work with "heavy" files which worked pretty well on Core2Duo iMac with Illustrator CS4?

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                                        Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                        You might want to look at the possibility for one thing yes and you might want to see if it is your system.


                                        I noticed you ignore all the other possibilities I brought up. That tells me I should move on and good luck.

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                                          smudja11 Level 1

                                          I ignored them because I didn't have this problem with previous versions of Illustrator.


                                          I recreated problem with files that had simple vector objects, couple of text boxes, no raster effects and some linked 300dpi flattened TIFF's. Fonts that I use are mostly installed by Adobe CS5, no plug-ins are installed on any CS application.


                                          The only thing that comes to my mind (besides buying a new workstation ) is clean reinstall of OSX which I'll try in couple a weeks.

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                                            Paul Rumens Level 1

                                            Wade yo do know that Illustrator can only address 2.5GB Ram?


                                            You could have 600GB RAM in your Mac Pro, and it will ONLY use 2.5GB Ram

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                                              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                              Com'on now use your mind it can only address 2.5 GB of RAM so that means in your mind that if you have 4GB that's more than enough RAM.


                                              I explained it al and it is right in front of you and you still don't get it. Illustrator needs the RAM and the scratch and the scratch has to be larger than life if you are working larger than life.


                                              Think about it. The two are connected also consider the scratch is useless if you are asking Illustrator to do complex rendering of effects and the scratch does not have a large enough continuous free space, also consider that Illustrator has unlimited undos. Put 2 and 2 together nd you see the answer is not simple as you think it is.


                                              Then consider the systems use of RAM other applications which may be drawing from those resources, other applications like Photoshop which might be running and which are using the same resource as a scratch the speed of the drives used as well. The size of the buffer of those drives.


                                              Do you see it trying to work with ridiculously large files on a unit that cannot handle it is unwise at best. Pretending there is no limitation to system that is so stress is not an issue that needs to be addressed is not the most intelligent approach.


                                              You either have to stop trying to be clever in your argument ad face the facts so you can make previsions so you can work properly in the future or
                                              you will be here forever complaining you can't get your work done.


                                              AllI can do is hope you come around and see what is right in front of your face.

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                                                Paul Rumens Level 1

                                                Dude, if the OP was running out of scratch disk, it would say "your scratch disk is full".


                                                So I have a clean install, no other apps running.


                                                Again I am running an i7 8GB Ram, 1TB HD. I am getting the same issue.


                                                I have a 30MB file, which opens fine in CS3, but won't in CS5


                                                So tell me, do you think thats not good enough? What do I need to open a 30MB file?

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                                                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                                  Give it another look, you just wrote it works for you in CS 3 and doesn't work in CS 5 your conclusion is that this is a CS 5 issue.


                                                  I first of all think you and the op have different issues.


                                                  Secondly you look at this in a vary narrow way.


                                                  CS 5 and CS 3 are different but you think they should behave as if there is no different and you keep telling us about your 1 TB drive but what about your scratch disk what about other applications you run…oh, yes you say you are not running any other applications are you sure of that?


                                                  Do you have a font manager? Have you tried cleaning your font cache?


                                                  To you there makes no sense that CS 5 is different thanCS 3. Keep in mind there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed in CS 5 from CS 3 there is support for more things and it has to be able to work in a 64 bit environment and all that might mean that you have things installed on your computer that do tie up Illustrator.


                                                  For instance iI had a problem which others had many more than with this issue here.


                                                  My issue was less severe than most but caused by the same conflict.


                                                  I had the Font Agent Pro's auto activation  plug ins installed for Photoshop and Illustrator when I found out that though I thought it was a font cash problem that most other users had I was a bit off it was actually to auto activation plug ins. Removing those plug ins until they are updated was a simple solution and a huge time saver.


                                                  Your approach is not going to get you anywhere, I can't find the cause and only someone like yourself can but you must first see this as a possibility.


                                                  I am not going to respond to this thread so you may write what you wish but anyone else who has a similar issue you might take a look at your system and apps and fonts and drivers and so on.


                                                  Good luck Paul

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                                                    Paul Rumens Level 1

                                                    Dude, once again:


                                                    Clean install, the only thing installed is Illustrator.


                                                    So yeah I'm pretty sure there are no other apps running.


                                                    But in your epic post you failed to answer my only questions to you. So again:


                                                    What do I need to open a 30MB file?


                                                    Oh and to remind you, your the one who came here and told the OP that he was an idiot for using an iMac, and then kept banging on about scratch disk and not enough resources.

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                                                      Seabeard Level 1

                                                      This happened again... I reduced the file size of the document. Even made images smaller and took off several layers. I created this new file on Illustrator CS5 - and when trying to reopen the file it was saying that it can't do it. I can almost understand that this happens with files, produced on older versions, but these were done with CS5...?!?!?!&%^&!


                                                      The whole system is way too fragile - I mean, I have no way of detecting when this might happen. Maybe I should start using Inkscape instead...

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                                                        Seabeard Level 1

                                                        If I close all programs and manage to open up a file in Illustrator which is on the "borderline", and is giving me these error messages - and after opening I fire up Photoshop and open up big files... everything works smoothly and Illustrator is not problematic at all... until I open up another file...


                                                        So, it must be a memory allocation issue at start up... or when a file is opened up. 

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                                                          Well, I just encountered the same issue using Illustrator CS5...getting the "The File Is Not Readable" error message...first time that's happened in the 14 years of using the program. It seems the file size was too large for Illustrator (or one of my computers) to handle. So I opened the file using one of my other computers and deleted the unused layers to reduce the file size. Originally, there were 6 layers with 3 different versions of the artwork and what I ended up having to do is create 3 separate files rather than having it all in 1.


                                                          Hope this helps!

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                                                            Paul Rumens Level 1

                                                            Have you updated it to 15.0.1


                                                            Thats meant to fix it.

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                                                              smudja11 Level 1

                                                              I updated to 15.0.1 and problem remains.


                                                              Same thing happens on Mac Pro with 6gb of RAM.

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                                                                MicahBurke Level 1

                                                                Until we're able to access all the RAM our computers have installed (until Illustrator is a 64bit ap) this can't be fixed.

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                                                                  I'm having this same problem with "This File Is Not Readable." I worked on these files just a few days ago - nobody else has modified them and no additional imagery has been added to them. Files are only 8MB or so each, so they're not huge. Linked bitmap is 300dpi, but it's only 15MB.


                                                                  • Restarting app/machine/server does not work.
                                                                  • Turning off all fonts/font management does not work.
                                                                  • Closing all running applications, or launching only Illustrator at restart does not work.
                                                                  • Trashing Illustrator prefs does not work.
                                                                  • Repairing permissions on local machine and server does not work.


                                                                  If I move the linked files folder in order to break the link, the file opens right up, so it's not a font issue.


                                                                  The files does open correctly (with links) on every co-worker's machine (even less powerful machines - laptops, even - with only 2GB RAM).

                                                                  These files worked perfectly the day before yesterday. This situation leads me to believe that it is, in fact, a bug in the way Illustrator is managing memory. The only thing left to do for me would be to reinstall Illustrator, I suppose.


                                                                  Any further ideas?


                                                                  My system specs:

                                                                  iMac 2.66GHz i5 / 8GB RAM / 1TB HD (990GB available)



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                                                                    Hello people,


                                                                    I have been experiencing the same problem for a long time and I have discovered a workarround that works for me.

                                                                    I simply start illustrator as administrator and everything works, for me at least.


                                                                    I'm using Windows 7 64bit, Illustrator cs5 latest update, C2D 2,5ghz, 2gb ram


                                                                    Hope this helps.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Illustrator CS4 memory problem
                                                                      Rehan ali Level 1

                                                                      also same things happen with me same issues stupid illustrator



                                                                      1. cant save

                                                                      2. the file is not readable

                                                                      3. you are running on low memory


                                                                      some times solution is only restarting my pc or some time closed illustrator and then reopen again thanks adobe in advance giving soo many issues on other hand why photoshop is perfect even smooth working and no such type of major errors i have seen sorry my english is week

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                                                                        I dont know if this is the solution ( in fact I read the solution from Adobe but it's so confuse) . Here is mine :

                                                                        - Deleted the linked file or move it to another folder.

                                                                        -  Restart Illustrator , open ur file , ignore the box , seperate ur file to smaller document and replace the missing file.

                                                                        Hope it works for u

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                                                                          I was just having that problem with a CS5 illustrator file which had linked PS files in it. Tried opening the same file on coworkers Mac with no problem. Since Adobe pointed that "File not readable" might be a Swatch book related issue, I realized that the only difference between our 2 computers is that I updated to the PANTONE+ library and my swatchbooks are different. The strange thing is that none of those swatches are being used either in the file or the linked PS files and I was still getting this error. If you had updated your Pantone swatches, then try this solution, maybe it might help:


                                                                          I went to the .../Adobe Illustrator CS5/Presets/en_US/Swatches/Color Books/
                                                                          DELETE or place in temporary "backup" folder outside of this directory EVERY SINGLE "PANTONE" swatch.


                                                                          When I originally installed this swatch book into illustrator, it backed everything up in my .../Applications/Pantone Palette Backup/CS5/ directory.

                                                                          Grab everything from there and place it back into your Color Books librarary. Restart Illustrator. That pretty much took care of it for me.


                                                                          Good luck,


                                                                          • 34. Re: Illustrator CS5 memory problem

                                                                            This is definitely a Pantone+ sync issue between Ai and Ps. When encountering the "file is unreadable" problem, the common thread in my Ai files was the placed image, which happened to be a DCS Photoshop EPS. I updated the Photoshop file's DCS Channels to be Pantone+ swatches and it completely solved my problem with opening Ai files containing that particular link. Thankfully, I had just installed the new swatch libraries and the problem started immediately. Red Flags all over the place.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Illustrator CS5 memory problem

                                                                              This IS the problem and the solution. We had three users who would get this error "file is not readable". The ai files that gave this error were files that contained links with psd files in them that had additional channels (spot etc) in the psd files. If the extra spot channel(s) was deleted, the files would link fine and Illustrator would open the file without any errors. This discussion should be marked as solved with FunkShol s information as the solution. We are in CS5 and believe that this problem is "fixed" with CS5.5, go figure. Thank you.

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                                                                                MicahBurke Level 1

                                                                                I'll be out of the office until Thursday, Oct 16, 2011. If there is any emergency, please contact Cindy Pietro, or Marc Fey at 925-456-6400.


                                                                                If you have my cell #, feel free to call only if absolutely needed.



                                                                                Micah Burke

                                                                                Mancini's Sleepworld


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                                                                                  Unfortunately, I have several illustrator files with linked psd (NO SPOT CHANNELS)

                                                                                  The same problem…

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                                                                                    SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

                                                                                    I also have a monkey wrentch to add to this situation. My co-worker & I both have the Patnone Plus loaded and yet she has no problem w/certain files that I do have a problem opening; unless I open up the psd & change the spots to the Pantone Plus. So maybe there is more than 1 issue going on? Pantone Plus, Font cache problem, and RAM/memory issues?

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                                                                                      My Problem:

                                                                                      "The file is not readable" - I received this error recently causing me no access to an ai file.


                                                                                      The Background:

                                                                                      I had multiple ai files open and multiple artboards in one ai file where I received the error msg that caused no access to the file for editing.


                                                                                      So, I closed illustrator completely and reopened only the problem file and did not receive the error msg.



                                                                                      When I again tried to place another image into the file I received - "The file is not readable",

                                                                                      and could no longer open the file at all.



                                                                                      My solution:

                                                                                      I renamed the folder where I stored all of the linked images so that every linked image in the file was broken,

                                                                                      and I reopened the ai file without relinking the images - this allowed me to access the file fine.

                                                                                      I then saved the individual artboards into seperate ai files.


                                                                                      My problem was too many hi- res images linked in one file simultaneously caused by the multiple artboards in one file.


                                                                                      I have since also updated Illustrator CS5.

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